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  1. I have a large family but unlike your family we are not really close :( it makes me sad but I guess there is just nothing I can do about it…. I really would have loved us to be close but it just doesn’t work. Presently I’m having some problems with my own family…it’s just sad and I get heart burn when I’m so preoccupied with the thoughts of our not being close. I wish we could get along even with my own family… but the more I try, the more I realize I just have to leave home. Do you have any ideas? Of course I’d love to know about the details :)

  2. wow! no cure, eh? lesson 1 here i come *picks up french book* hello- bonjour :D well i'd really love to speak french better... the closest i got to speaking fluent french was when i learnt Diam's song Jeune Demoiselle.... i can sing it all by heart....not bad, eh for someone who fights with french...i mean if you hear me say it you'll think i've lived in france all my life :p so how has your day been?

  3. hm... math is something i run away from!!! how have you been?

  4. hey! you're welcome!!! hm... studio classes? what do you study? by the way, my name is Mary, what's yours?

  5. well..i'm mixed race...funny combo...don't ask :p and born in a place totally far off from my combo.....lol so i guess you can say i'm a proper alien :D let's say mars....yeah mars will be better :D where are you from?

  6. well it's nice that it works for you :D! unlike here in mars...we haven't discovered water but we're tapping internet from earthling satellites! :p what are you up to now?

  7. well...i only know one song and that's creep :p i need to work harder...what other bands do you listen to?

  8. hi Brooke! it's nice to meet you! wow...you're course of study sounds fun! i'm in my fourth year in college...i'm studying law...but i really love all these artsy stuff :D so what have you been up to lately?

  9. well currently i'm on holiday...but i'm so bored :( i really miss my friends.... even though i'm trying to occupy myself with different things.. hm... what do you like? do you have facebook?

  10. hi!!! i really had no idea we were online at the same time!!! how are you? the coldplaying board is really looking lovely :)

  11. nice to meet you Yu-tong!!! i'm Mary... how are you?

  12. yeah i am!! are you?....seem like you are a Muse fan (judging by your user name :p ) How are you? Hope everything is fine...take care!

  13. wow! astrology, eh? I used to be into it but i stopped...yeah, i love Muse :D ....they have this great style of music! i really love the way matt bellamy sings :p ....my day was quite wet but ok! thanks for asking.... So what's your name? I'm Mary by the way..

  14. wow, film making sounds awesome!!! how is it like? is it difficult?

  15. wow, sounds like a hectic day! i hope you take rests :)

  16. hmm.... that's a difficult question...i like loads of stuff but i think i particularly like talking to people and meeting new people...i also love reading, playing my guitar, fb :p, watching movies and sometimes being creative on photoshop (i'm not that good :( but do try :) )

  17. i'm glad you're resting :D well i'm fine....i just heard from a friend..it's been long we've written....i'm so glad that she's ok :D

  18. yeah thanks :D p.s. i think you're cool!!

  19. Hi i really love your name... it sounds quite lovely.. well unfortunately i was unable to get my hands on muse's new album...but i'm pretty sure the songs are great!...they are really quite creative! Well i'm from 2 countries...so i'm quite an interesting mix :D So how has your day been?

  20. hello!! My name is Mary, what's you name?

  21. hi there! how have you been? My name is Mary by the way, what's yours?

  22. awwww....that really put a smile on my face :D THANKSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs* (i really love giving hugs...that's what i'm known for in school :D)

  23. hello!!!! How are you? My name is Mary by the way :D

  24. oh ok! how's the homework going?

  25. hi!!! i also just got to use my computer too....sometimes i think that even though mobile phones make things easier there is nothing like using a computer :) i've been fine thanks and you?

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