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  1. Good evening guys! What's up? :P


    it's evening here too :) so good evening to you too. :)


    Nice to meet you Fecs :nice: I'm Marija (or Maria if you like :P)

    I can't concentrate on homeworks, so I'm going to watch House MD


    nice to meet you Marija :) i'm Mary

  2. Helloooo there


    Happy spring-starting day :awesome:

    (I know you all live in the north and it's autumn for you but shhh)


    well here we're experiencing the last of the rainy season and soon we'll enter the dry season.....i wish i were in the temperate region again....though the weather here is nice too :) sometimes tooo hot but nice.


    :hug: I know the feeling

    I hate bitches


    well said.....bitches are so bitchy.... how annoying!!!! :nod:

  3. I know, I've been hurt so many times inside but my friends never saw it

    they were what you changed school? they bullied you? didn't notice at you

    and other things that hurt me[/color]


    *hugs* i know how you feel

  4. thanks,

    and if he gets a girlfriend, I'll be happy for them, hurt inside but so happy for him[/color]


    that's great strength.....really, that is great strength

    i always tell myself the same things but will i be able to really cope? *sighs*

  5. trying to make homework but I'm not in the mood for thinking in Spanish [/color]


    that's so cool that you know Spanish!!!! maybe you could teach me :)


    haha, I'm happy no-one really looked at me afterwards since I was all red in my face :p


    you're lucky!!!! i was a little embarrassed because it was as if he never noticed.... :/ perhaps it had to be harder :p

  6. just kissed him goodbye on his cheek, and god you guys don't know how good that feels :wacky: :dazzled: :heart:


    he said he was sure going to enjoy the beer he could get with the ticket I gave him (got one left because someone gave me 10 at the beginning of the party) [/color]


    i remember doing something like that...my cheeks were so hot i think they were on fire.....probably that's "blushing".....i'd never know, because i'm dark skined

  7. My friend is getting married to a guy 7 years older than her. Perhaps it got me thinking a bit on question of age in relationships. I used to think that difference in age of more than 2-3 years was weird and generally not good.

    But my friend and her fiancee seem to work perfectly as a couple, they even look the same age, I wouldn't even know he was older if they didn't tell.

    As time goes, I think I tend to accept age difference much more. After all, the more people I meet, the more I understand that maturity sometimes has nothing to do with age and also, when you fall in love, you don't really count years. So yes, relationship with age gap can work. Though I still see age difference of more than 15 years as suspicious and more than 20 as very suspicious.



    someone once told me that it is better for a woman to get married to a man who is like 6 years or older. her reason for saying this was that if there was such a large gap the woman would respect the man more while the man would pamper her and take good care of her....to me, what i believe is that once there is love it does not matter what age you are (although there are some age differences that make you gag)...

  8. I've always preferred relationships, but found the right one only recently. And we saw each other as Just friends for years. No one was more surprised than us when we got together.:)


    i could totally relate to that...it's actually quite nice to be with a very close friend of yours. it makes it seem like you'll understand each other forever.


    there's usually a natural tendency to fill the other half, i guess

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