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  1. yeah thanks :D p.s. i think you're cool!!

  2. i'm glad you're resting :D well i'm fine....i just heard from a friend..it's been long we've written....i'm so glad that she's ok :D

  3. hmm.... that's a difficult question...i like loads of stuff but i think i particularly like talking to people and meeting new people...i also love reading, playing my guitar, fb :p, watching movies and sometimes being creative on photoshop (i'm not that good :( but do try :) )

  4. wow, sounds like a hectic day! i hope you take rests :)

  5. wow, film making sounds awesome!!! how is it like? is it difficult?

  6. well currently i'm on holiday...but i'm so bored :( i really miss my friends.... even though i'm trying to occupy myself with different things.. hm... what do you like? do you have facebook?

  7. hi Brooke! it's nice to meet you! wow...you're course of study sounds fun! i'm in my fourth year in college...i'm studying law...but i really love all these artsy stuff :D so what have you been up to lately?

  8. well...i only know one song and that's creep :p i need to work harder...what other bands do you listen to?

  9. well it's nice that it works for you :D! unlike here in mars...we haven't discovered water but we're tapping internet from earthling satellites! :p what are you up to now?

  10. well..i'm mixed race...funny combo...don't ask :p and born in a place totally far off from my combo.....lol so i guess you can say i'm a proper alien :D let's say mars....yeah mars will be better :D where are you from?

  11. hey! you're welcome!!! hm... studio classes? what do you study? by the way, my name is Mary, what's yours?

  12. hm... math is something i run away from!!! how have you been?

  13. wow! no cure, eh? lesson 1 here i come *picks up french book* hello- bonjour :D well i'd really love to speak french better... the closest i got to speaking fluent french was when i learnt Diam's song Jeune Demoiselle.... i can sing it all by heart....not bad, eh for someone who fights with french...i mean if you hear me say it you'll think i've lived in france all my life :p so how has your day been?

  14. hello!! How are you? My name is Mary. how has your day been?

  15. cool choice of places!!! i wonder what is the cure for language procastination :/

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! How are you? i saw it was your birthday so i thought i'd drop a PM.... enjoy this special day of yours!!

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! How are you? i hope you'll enjoy your special day!!!

  18. a diploma course is a 2 year course on a particular course... where are you planning to study? yeah, french is not really difficult but i'm not really confident in speaking it... i guess that's why i had trouble with it....perhaps i have to work on it more but i don't know where to start... i feel like i've done lesson 1 over a thousand times!

  19. lol what were you meant to do anyway?

  20. cool that you have fb. here's mine on fb if you feel like adding http://www.facebook.com/vicky.law.566 . well for me law is ok but yeah, there can be some challenging times but aren't there always challenges? some people usually go for a diploma course in law but i didn't do that, i just went straight in....so you're in france....how's france like? i've been trying to perfect my french for years buit i don't think that i'm that good...

  21. hi james! nice name! my name is mary. what are you up to?

  22. i'm glad you're fine! what's your name?

  23. hi there! How are you?

  24. well nothing much...just chatting with some friends on facebook (do you have facebook by the way?),and i'm on coldplaying board. Marketing? cool! i study law

  25. hi! My name is Mary...nice to meet you :D So what have you been up to?

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