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  1. ok i'm definitely going to watch the vid! what's your name?

  2. hi how are you? i just thought i'd say hi.

  3. hi taameen! How are you? I hope all is well! thought i'd just drop you a message....take care!

  4. hi thanks for the link! i've added you already! well i'm still working on playing the guitar better so i thought i'd start with the basics which to me was the classic guitar but i'm going to get an electric guitar soon coz i'm more interested in playing guitar riffs and power chords. I love a variety of books um....i think i mostly like books like Harry Potter, i love thriller novels, detective novels and i think i've started developing a likeness for action novels....i'm a law student so i love reading law stuff too :D it's so great to meet someone who is equally passionate about people...hey we could be like a power team lol :D not many people understand that side of me. sometimes people think it's weird but i'm so passionate about it that i don't care what they think! you know what? i'm so glad to have you as my friend already!!

  5. Hi you seem sooooo talented!! um... well, i like playing my guitar...reading books, music, funny vids....i also love talking to people. Talking to people has been a great passion of mine...i just love people (it may sound strange but i just do!) Well i'm 20 years old and how about you? How has your day been? I hope that all is fine! um... do you have facebook? I'd really love to talk to you there!

  6. hi My day has been fine thanks!! you know what? i think you're really cool!!! So what do you like?

  7. Hi i really love your name... it sounds quite lovely.. well unfortunately i was unable to get my hands on muse's new album...but i'm pretty sure the songs are great!...they are really quite creative! Well i'm from 2 countries...so i'm quite an interesting mix :D So how has your day been?

  8. wow! astrology, eh? I used to be into it but i stopped...yeah, i love Muse :D ....they have this great style of music! i really love the way matt bellamy sings :p ....my day was quite wet but ok! thanks for asking.... So what's your name? I'm Mary by the way..

  9. yeah i am!! are you?....seem like you are a Muse fan (judging by your user name :p ) How are you? Hope everything is fine...take care!

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