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  1. ej please come back.

  2. i just saw your message AND OMG DO YOU LIKE IT? DID IT RUIN YOUR LIFE?

  3. What did you blow it on?

  4. nothing much. you?

  5. Hi! Are you the same CdColdplay on instagram?

  6. Not much, still doing my Mandarin homework, still have to finish an essay. You?

  7. I dunno. (I just said that in my head like Liam...) But I'd have to say *drumroooolllll* Liam or Charlie.

  8. Ah, the everlasting question! I'd have to say The Sound of Drums, Nightmares or Type 40. :) How about you?

  9. I totally would! :laugh4:

  10. Oh that's good! Yes I do! OMG, seriously if they had a concert tour or something, I'd definitely go.

  11. askkgjhjkhjrfjenrfkhr YOU ARE SOOOO VERY LUCKY. I haven't seen the boys live yet either. *le sigh* BBC is too good for words! What's your favorite Chameleon Circuit song?

  12. LUCKY! YOU GET TO SEE THEM! then there's me... I haven't unfortunately, but my friend has. BBC Sherlock is just asdfjghsjskdfjs;dlkjgl. I have watched a few episodes, not many though. Gah. But I can name 9, 10 and 11's companions! Do you listen to Chameleon Circuit?

  13. Oh, I was listening to a multiple song mashup that was mainly Viva La Vida with other songs mixed in, one of them being Starlight. I reaaaalllly liked how it sounded so I searched it and the rest is history. How'd you get into Muse? And yes, I'm a Sherlockian. :D

  14. You're welcome! I'm doing pretty good, how about you? And being that I'm finally sorta a Muser, I understand your username! :P

  15. Really? Did your town get hit hard by the hurricane?

  16. Northeast! Whereabouts exactly, no one shall knooooooowwww.... How about you?


  18. Yes I did! And thank you soo much! I would do more if I had the time!

  19. Ello! I just wanted to say that your avatar is just... awesome. asdkjfkdj I just stared at it and then... blink. Still can't get over it...

  20. Hey Yu-tong!! Happy birthday or happy belated birthday! (I cannot figure out international time to save my life) As promised, my Sherlock drawing! [IMG]

  21. Y'know, a fan of that stupid band, One Direction.

  22. But y'know, we are all confident in you that it will be great!

  23. Oh, it's okay! Besides a lot of people are on and off the forums because of school and stuff.

  24. A friend of mine would... If she wasn't a Directioner.

  25. I'm done with the Sherlock portrait so when I have time, I'll take a picture of it for you!

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