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  1. you guys! Jonny actually loves cake!


    (for the newer members, "Jonny loves cake" was originally a joke made somewhere in the first few pages of this thread over 10 years ago, but after a while everyone sort of forgot it was a joke, and decided it was a fact)

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  2. 14 minutes ago, AnaMarie said:

    Can you see the other gifs I uploaded? They appear hidden and I don’t know how to change that , they are extra clues... 

    Just approved them! your posts got caught in the spam filter for some reason

  3. If you follow the r/TheyreComing subreddit, you'll see it's looking increasingly likely it's gaming related, and more specifically Fortnite. Some Fortnight streamers have received a DVD+ DVD player (!) with a video showing some drone shots + crop circles. And some people found one of the symbols in Fortnite: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheyreComing/comments/nl8j1z/someone_found_this_symbol_in_fortnite/

    So the MOTS theories can be buried now I think. If this was Coldplay, they would not have sent those DVDs to Fortnight streamers.  





    Off to put on my clown shoes now!


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  4. 54 minutes ago, LilyAdams said:

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    bumped an 11.5 year old thread made by another spammer. Spambots are impressive sometimes! :surprised:

  5. 9 minutes ago, IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8 said:

    Coldplayxtra said this is not related to Coldplay at all....

    they didn't, they just aren't sure either. I'm 50/50 too: it's alien-themed, the hexagone appeared at their Worthy Farm performance too, the timing fits that too, and Phil was online on Twitter earlier and he didn't deny it. But on the other hand, the postcards seem to have been sent to gamers (Coldplay did partner with a gaming company recently), it all seems fairy USA centred, and Hulu/Disney+ are reportedly making an Alien TV show thingy. So I'm really not sure

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  6. 7 hours ago, WhiteShadow7 said:

    I have a sort of feeling that Coldplay collabs with Muse. There has been released a pop-up event about something called 'the Higher Power Spaceship' (higherpowerspaceship.com), powered by Warner Music Group. You have to complete two tasks before you can sign up for the event, I suppose this is only for Dutch and Belgian fans. The second task made clear that the location of this event will be in a little hotel in the Bellamystraat (Bellamystreet) in Amsterdam. So (Matthew) Bellamy and the synthesizer sounds of Higher Power, is that a clue to a Muse-collab?🙃

    Doesn't seem really weird thinking of the extraterrestrial obsession they share. 

    I think that's just a coincidence to be honest. It seems like that hotel was chosen for the event (Glastonbury performace screening) because it has these "hub" rooms with built-in speakers and controllable lighting that kind of look like spaceships.

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  7. 57 minutes ago, GamingForeverAUS said:

    I have uploaded it here! Please read the breakdown below. It would also be preferable if you have any software that can view and handle mutiple audio tracks but that is not required.

    FILE BREAKDOWN - "C" refers to channel / speaker that you would hear the audio out of in an actual real life 5.1 setup:

    • 5.1 Mix = The full mix, everything is all together.
    • C1&C2 = The mix that appears in the front two channels. Basically the left and rights.
    • C3 = The centre channel that has Jonny's guitar and some other effects.
    • C4 (subwoofer) = LFE effects.
    • C5&C6 = Reverbs, synths, the love choir.

    Note that some of the audio files don't have any sound until specific parts of the song so if it sounds like there is no sound, skip ahead or just wait. Remember that this is all meant to be played together at the same time.

    *link removed by moderator*


    Sorry, removed that link here since it's technically the studio version of the song, so an official release. It's better to keep these things in the PMs 🙂

  8. 35 minutes ago, jossec said:

    Then there’s the habit of reusing audio. Again take the Tokyo Remix of Something Just Like This, which was reused for the Buenos Aires CD, including vocals. On Love in Tokyo all the tracks sounded exactly the same as their Buenos Aires equivalents aside from some superficial differences. The audio of the alternative version of Always In My Head on Ghost Stories Live (the one with an audience) is exactly the same as the main one, except the crowd noise that was added.

    The instrumentals for Clocks during their performance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival 2020 were the same ones as those used for the Ghost Stories TV special from 2014. (The lead vocal track was different, and the instrumentals are mixed slightly differently.) Yes that’s right, they took the time to film new footage of the band playing the song, and probably spent a lot of money on those visual effects, but didn’t bother making the musical performance authentic.

    holy fuck, I'm pretty shocked at this, especially the Clocks thing, that's so weird. What is it with that song? First it's the vocals that are almost never live, now it's the instrumentals :confused:  and the other songs they played at the iHeart Radio festival last year were new recordings?

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  9. 11 hours ago, Gideon_Mx said:

    If you're deep into this thing + if you have good ears, you'll notice it for sure. Listen to the American Idol and the BRITs performance, they are identical in the mix. Except for Chris's vocals.


    1 hour ago, auroraa_4 said:

    Ok so here's what I end up thinking:

    I guess these 2 performances were actually recorded live (regarding the audio), with just a bit of video editing just to include some additional shots from other takes.

    I don't really get why they would take time to edit the audio, obviously the band's been rehearsing the song a lot and Chris' consistency throughout every performance tends to points out how professional his voice control can be !


    ok so are we concluding the band (including Chris) did perform the song twice (with some backing tracks as always, and that's def not a big deal) and they recorded the audio twice, but it ended up sounding almost exactly the same because of the post-production?

    10 hours ago, Gideon_Mx said:

    It's not just you! You can clearly hear it at the ''happy that I'm [[ALIVE]]'' part!

    seriously how do you guys discover this :laugh3: I had to listen to that part 3 times after I saw your posts before I could sort of hear it, but only because I know it's there. But how do you know he's not just, you know, singing well?

    24 minutes ago, LelieJens said:

    I really don't care if Worthy Farm is pre-recorded and not "realtime live", but I just hope the pre-recorded video is the band playing live, not any pre-recorded tracks (and of course there are instruments in the background not being played live so they are pre-recorded).

    I think there was a quote from Anchorman that everything you see being played is 100% live, but all the other things aren't. (That super logical haha). But that isn't true sadly -> Clocks on AHFOD, Church in EL, HP, ...

    this!! as long as it was played live, as in, what you see being played/sung is live, it counts as a live performance for me. Doesn't matter if we're watching it two weeks later. But if within those 2 weeks the whole thing goes through heavy post-production that is more than just getting the right mix and adding some reverb here and there or so, it just takes away almost all of the magic for me. 

    But ever since the Clocks & Church thing I can't really trust them on that anymore sadly.

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  10. 15 minutes ago, stepstr said:

    Ok, so I've got two moments where I'm questioning his vocals and the entire Brits performance.

    1. First verse, '...and I think my shoes untied, oh-oh'. 

    He's neither holding the mic near the mouth nor articulates this 'oh-oh'.

    2. Around 1:42, when he's giving JB a hug, and then suddenly appears at the center of the stage looking at a different camera. Bad video edit? Was it even live? They could have filmed the thing when they were rehearsing it last week. 

    Am I overthinking? 


    Apparently it wasn't live, Chris was in Malibu on Friday apparently and there's no way he'd have bypassed Britain's quarantine rules

    but I noticed that weird edit at 1:42 too, not sure what happened there

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  11. 3 hours ago, LelieJens said:

    Not sure if it's mentioned already but I find it "disappointing" that both the live performances (Brit and Idols) aren't live at all. The two voice tracks of Chris are exactly the same (extremely noticable sighs at the exact same times, ...). 

    It could be that the Idols version was live and the Birts was lip synced (because of the fireworks and filming) but I hope the Glastonbury show is 100% live and not Chris lip syncing over a pre-recorded track. (Like Clocks in the AHFOD tour) 



    I went back and forth between the two videos and at first the vocals did sound exactly the same but I think I notice some subtle differences?

    - the first 'hour' in 'dancing every hour' sounds is a bit longer in the Brits performance than in the American Idol one (1:07 in the Brits video, 1:12 in American Idol)

    - the falsetto higher powers sound slightly different

    - the first 'then your love soooong' is longer in the American Idols performance than in the Brits one


    so now I'm confused because other than that it does indeed sound identical so how is that possible? :confused: or do I just desperately want to hear those differences because it would be inexplicable to lipsync a prerecorded performance you can just rerecord or edit if something goes wrong?

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