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  1. Hey, Katja! :) I'm doing fine, thank you!It's my last year in school.I'm in 12th grade now.At the end of it all graduates have a prom.There's a big fuss around it-dresses,hair-styles, shoes...I find it a little more. :/ I understand what situation you were in!I have a forthcoming exam in November.It's called IELTS and it's a certificate which shows your English level.If I pass it,I'll have a guarantee place in English-speaking universities in Europe.I want to study in Holland. By foreign year do you mean a gap year?In school we have a volunteer from Berlin who teaches German to 8 and 9 graders. Oh, also I started my driving lessons.In Bulgaria there are 31 lessons in which you practise your driving and after they pass you're able to sit the practical test.If you pass it then you get a driving licence.Have you got Facebook or Twitter or Skype?We can write to each other there,as I'm not so active on the forum as I was before and I use these social medias normalerweiser jeden Tag. :D

  2. Hello, Raphaele! How have you been doing lately? :) I'm sorry I didn't write to you in so long! :( But since I'm not so active in the forum anymore I suggest we can write to each other through another media which we both use, if you want to. :)

  3. That's pretty cool - I mean living on an island! :) You travel by plane to visit him, right? Or you take a ship? Both means of transportation are interesting to go with! ^_^ Thank you so much for the invitation! :hug: It's pretty good idea and I will take advantage of it when I come to Paris one day! It will be pleasure for me to see each other! :happy: I adore travelling too! :) I want to visit as much places as I can! Thailand? Nice! I have an acquaintance the same age as me who studies there and she is quite satisfied with the education. :) I'm sure it'll be a fascinating place to visit! I wish you from now - have a great time in Thailand and enjoy the country to the fullest! :sunny:

  4. Happy Easter! :) I wish health, happiness and prosperity to you and your family! How did you spend the holiday? :) Your brother lives in Spain? I was on an excursion there - specifically to Barcelona and Madrid. I literally fell in love with those cities! I really want to live in a big city as mine (Haskovo) is small... So the trip was organised by the school where I study - Foreign Language School. It was one unforgettable one week! We visited not only Spain, but also Italy (Milano) and France - Monaco + Monte Carlo and Cannes. I love the beach in Cannes! That's really cool! :) I like better letters - it's more genuine and some kind of magical. :) And you can save those letters and reread them when you want to! :) Wish you nice weekend too. :daisy: :)

  5. It's Eastern holiday, isn't it? :) In Bulgaria we have only 4 days vacation - this Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. It's a pity it's so short. :( Nevermind, rest well during the vacation! Are you going anywhere then? :) It's good to hear everything is alright with you! :) Yes, my family and I are coping with job/school at the moment, thanks for asking! :) I love the idea of having a pen-friend! :) You can learn a lot of new stuff! :) What's your opinion? ^_^

  6. Hey! :) It's okay, I had stressful time lately too. :/ I just have so little free time and I can't manage to be online for a long time. :/ Apart from that, everything is fine with me. :) Especially the last week - I was on a trip with school to Spain! :) We visited Madrid and Barcelona and I literally fell in love with these cities mostly with the former! <3 I remember how last year I was hoping there would be an excursion to Germany and we could see each other. :) Unfortunately there wasn't any trip to your country but if there was I would immediately write to you and we could finally meet. :) So how about you? Did you visit some countries and how is everything going with you? ^_^

  7. Hello, Raphaele! I'm really sorry I didn't get in touch with you earlier but I had tense months lately - lots of homework mostly... :/ I hope I'll be more constant here now, even though I have some more busy weeks until June when school ends. :) I really missed being on the forum! I hope everything is going fine with you! :) Greetings, Marieta :)

  8. It was unexpected and really surprising! The little things are what's important! :) I highly appreciate your gesture! ^_^

  9. Hey, Raphaele! :) Two days ago a note was sent to me and it said that I had received something. So yesterday I went to the post and while the woman was looking for my package I was wondering who could send me a package? And then the woman gave the envelope to me and I was left speechless when I read the name on it! I didn't suspect anything and I was GREATLY surprised! :) I can't express my gratitude to you! Thank you so much! :bliss: You brought to me some really great emotions! :happy: The postcard is so sweet, I really enjoy the heart and the bell on the string! :) And you guessed completely true - my favourite chocolate is the dark one! The candies are so yummy! ^_^ Thank you again! :) I hope you're having great moments! :sunny:

  10. Thank you so much! :) ^_^

  11. Happy New Year, Kimberly! :) I wish you all the best. I hope you're having a good time! ^_^

  12. Happy New Year, Raphaele! :) I wish you health, luck and lots of love. I hope this year will be better and the good moments will be more! ^_^

  13. Happy New Year! ^_^ I haven't heard from you for a long time. I hope you're doing well and everything's fine. :) I wish you all the best and may 2014 be a better year! :)

  14. :) I sent a package for the second time and I really appreciate the idea and the whole organisation because it's a lifelong memory! ^_^

  15. I'm so sorry to hear that! :( But I'm so happy that you liked the notebook! :) I wanted it to involve something connected with Bulgaria. ^_^ You're welcome, it was a great experience! ^_^ :)

  16. Hey,Raphaele! :) I'm so glad my package made it to you! I hope you enjoy it. It was pleasure for me to be your Secret Santa! :) (and tell me if you like the chocolate :D )

  17. Hello, Kimberly! :) I received your package yesterday and I was just so pleasantly surprised with your lovely gifts but mostly by the big gesture - the time you had spared to prepare the package and the love you had put in it... You couldn't make me happier for Christmas! :) I really don't know how to thank you for the great emotions you brought to me! ^_^ P.S. - I think it'd be a good idea to exchange Twitter or Facebook or anything - I dont mind - so we can keep in touch! We can become a good friends, it'd be nice to have a friend from the USA. :) P.S.2 - I ADORE the December mix you made for me! You have an amazing taste in music! ^_^ :)

  18. Thanks too! You live in beautiful area too :) I love nature and like to take long walks in the park near us :D Oh, I didn't know that koalas can't be touched :( Well, it's a pity :( At least you can enjoy them some way... (doesn't matter it's by watching them :D)

  19. I would be excited to visit them too! :) I haven't gone on such festivals before and it would be a new experience for me! :) I live near the area of Rhodope Mountain and it's indeed very beautiful! Actually it's my favourite mountain in Bulgaria :D :) You are always welcome in our small country! :) :sunny: I'm sure Australia is amazing! I have relatives who live there and I have watched many photos - my mouth was open the whole time from the beauty I saw from the pictures. I just can't imagine how beautiful it is live! :surprised: I have a koala toy - it's so handsome ^.^ But I want to hug a real one :D I have heard they're very loving :)

  20. Oh, it's a pity you're not going to any festivals! I'd like to visit Glastonbury too! :) At least there are festivals in your country which you'd like to visit! :) Bulgaria is famous for its beautiful nature. If you reach the peak to any mouintain in my country the view is breathtaking! The photos you have saw certainly haven't lied to you. :) I hope you visit someday Bulgaria and convince yourself in her beauty. :) I'm happy you like my country! I really like Australia and I want so much to visit it! :nice:

  21. Sorry to hear that! :( It sucks working so many hours! :( I know how you felt :/ I will stay this weekend at my aunt's. :) On Monday I won't study because I have a Winter 'vacation' - it's only a day but at least it's something! :D So maybe I will write to you then :) Have a nice and cheerful weekend! :) ^.^

  22. Thank you! I'm really happy you appreciate my pictures :) ^.^ Well, I was happy for the couples but I haven't got a boyfriend and I felt a bit lonely on this day. But all the fuss about the day contributed to spending a nice day. :) And you? Hope you spent your day more joyfully. :) :sunny:

  23. Nice! :) Unfortunately I won't go to any Festivals this Summer (or maybe year :( ). There are no Festivals in Bulgaria which I'm interested in going. :( It's so bad that in my country aren't made festivals/concerts that I would like to go to. :( And you? I am curious to know to what festival you will go. :)

  24. [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] These are my pictures. :) (I couldn't put them in a link, sorry :/ ) The quality of the photos is bad because they're taken with a phone... Last year was my first year in the Art club so I think it can be said they're good. :) Hope you like them :nice: Thank you for being my pen-friend too! :) It's really nice meeting you! :nice:

  25. Wow, that's great you have visited London so many times! :surprised: So you're going to spend your summer vacation in England? If only I were you! :D If there's any possibility to go to London and you're there we can meet each other! :) I don't want to give you any hopes because I'm not sure at all if this is feasible but it would be great! You were in an Art club either? We have a lot in common! You're my first pen-friend and I didn't expect that I can share not only the music I listen to but also my hobbies! ^.^ :) I haven't upload my pictures yet because I don't have much free time but I think next time I write you I will send them to you. ;) Take care :sunny:

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