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  1. Woow! :surprised: They should qualify you as a professional! You're so good - you surpassed my expectations! I have a lot more to learn! I hope I reach your potential one day! ^.^ :) (In my opinion, Canon is the best brand for cameras :))

  2. Hey, Raphaele! :) Two days ago a note was sent to me and it said that I had received something. So yesterday I went to the post and while the woman was looking for my package I was wondering who could send me a package? And then the woman gave the envelope to me and I was left speechless when I read the name on it! I didn't suspect anything and I was GREATLY surprised! :) I can't express my gratitude to you! Thank you so much! :bliss: You brought to me some really great emotions! :happy: The postcard is so sweet, I really enjoy the heart and the bell on the string! :) And you guessed completely true - my favourite chocolate is the dark one! The candies are so yummy! ^_^ Thank you again! :) I hope you're having great moments! :sunny:

  3. I understand all what you said but i don't know how to say it in German :D I'm so happy I can talk to you and develop my German :) ^.^

  4. It was unexpected and really surprising! The little things are what's important! :) I highly appreciate your gesture! ^_^

  5. You have cool avatar! I like it :) I love Arctic Monkeys too ^^

  6. Hey! I received your gift yesterday! It mean a lot to me! I'd like to thank you personally here(I post thanks on the Secret Santa's thread + some pictured from the present). Thank you again! I'm sure your Secret Santa will surprise you as much as you surprise me(if you haven't received your gift yet)! :)

  7. Thank you very much! :) Glad you like it! :nice:

  8. P.S. You can find the avatar in Flickr. :)

  9. You're welcome! :) :sunny:

  10. Sorry to hear that! :( It sucks working so many hours! :( I know how you felt :/ I will stay this weekend at my aunt's. :) On Monday I won't study because I have a Winter 'vacation' - it's only a day but at least it's something! :D So maybe I will write to you then :) Have a nice and cheerful weekend! :) ^.^

  11. Thank you very much! :) I'm really happy to be here :)

  12. Thank you very much for everything! One of my dreams is to travel around the world. :) The other cultures are an interesting topic for me and I want to explore them. :) I had a great weekend with my cousin. :) Although she's 7-year-old you can never be bored with her. ^.^ Get well soon! It's horrible to be sick. :/ :( So, have you visited Italy? I have heard a lot of good comments about it. :)

  13. That's a good question.I can't think of many but the most I want is to see one of my favourite bands live and to visit some countries in Europe. What is yours? :)

  14. [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] These are my pictures. :) (I couldn't put them in a link, sorry :/ ) The quality of the photos is bad because they're taken with a phone... Last year was my first year in the Art club so I think it can be said they're good. :) Hope you like them :nice: Thank you for being my pen-friend too! :) It's really nice meeting you! :nice:

  15. It's so inspirational! Thank you, I haven't got any words to comment! You just made my day! I hope I will have the chance to come to Germany and I will let you know if I come! :) Thank you again! ^.^

  16. Nice! :) Unfortunately I won't go to any Festivals this Summer (or maybe year :( ). There are no Festivals in Bulgaria which I'm interested in going. :( It's so bad that in my country aren't made festivals/concerts that I would like to go to. :( And you? I am curious to know to what festival you will go. :)

  17. Thank you very much! Your cooperation helps me a lot! :) P.S. - I have German final in Tuesday - I hope I will do it well :)

  18. You definitely deserve them! :) The photgraphy is vast topic - you can create any pictures you want and see different meanings in each. That's my definition. :) ^.^ I really like yours! We learn every day ang become better with every taken picture. You're on the right way to become a professional! :)

  19. Thank you very much! :) There will be Modalverben und Verben mit trennbarem Präfix. I don't have problem with them and I hope I will pass the test :) Thank you again! ^.^

  20. Oh, it's a pity you're not going to any festivals! I'd like to visit Glastonbury too! :) At least there are festivals in your country which you'd like to visit! :) Bulgaria is famous for its beautiful nature. If you reach the peak to any mouintain in my country the view is breathtaking! The photos you have saw certainly haven't lied to you. :) I hope you visit someday Bulgaria and convince yourself in her beauty. :) I'm happy you like my country! I really like Australia and I want so much to visit it! :nice:

  21. Hey! :) Haven't heard from you for a long time. You have awesome avatar again! :) ^.^

  22. Hello! I want to ask something for the Coldplay Songs Parody/Cover/Lipsynch. I'm sorry if I didn't understand something but will we sing together or separately? :blush:

  23. They're two actually - Cornerstone and My Propller. And yours? :) P.S. - I followed you on Twitter(I'm Cherryaa3) :)

  24. That's so cool! Even though you're assistant you practise to make better photos. :) Yesterday was heavily snowing and we now we have a great snow cover. I'm thinking of making some photos (tomorrow I'm having day off from school because today is a referendum day) :) If I take some I will show them to you! ^.^ :)

  25. Yes - today was quite easy! :) Photography class test? :O My hobby is photography! I love to take pictures of people and beautiful landscapes. There is still much to learn and I hope someday I'll be taking really good photos ^.^ I'm not into Informatics too - they're not just my cup of tea. :/

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