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  1. Unfortunately, I have never been to London. :( I really hope to visit it this summer even though there's not a big chance it will happen. :/ Have I told you I also like to draw? :D I'm in an art club in my school and we will have exhibition in the end of March (this year it will be in school - last year was in school and in a gallery :) ) I stay every Wednesday and Thursday after my classes to paint on canvas with oil paints. I will show you next time some of my pictures from the last year because the new ones aren't ready yet. :)

  2. The excursion starts on April 2nd when it's our spring break and it's till April 7th. :) I can't wait to see your photos of London!! :) I hope I can take some pictures in Italy... :/ I'm better now, thank you. :) I can't heal from January and I'm sick of being ill (even though it's not very serious - snuffles and occasionally cough) :angry: Have a great time during the week! :) ^.^

  3. Yes,I couldn't disagree with you? :/ In which grade are you? :) I'm 10th. :)

  4. I'm looking forward to the excursion. :) I don't think my parents will let me take the camera because there's always a chance of losing something important during excursions... I must find another smaller camera so I can take photos. If i take some I will send them to you. :) ^.^ Today I didn't feel well at all at school and I think I am getting sick. :( There's flu epidemic in Bulgaria and more and more schools have flu vacation... I hope I won't be among the sick. I'm sorry for the late reply (again...). I have a very busy curriculum the second term and I feel very tired! :( Have a great weekend! :sunny: ^.^

  5. Thank you very much for everything! One of my dreams is to travel around the world. :) The other cultures are an interesting topic for me and I want to explore them. :) I had a great weekend with my cousin. :) Although she's 7-year-old you can never be bored with her. ^.^ Get well soon! It's horrible to be sick. :/ :( So, have you visited Italy? I have heard a lot of good comments about it. :)

  6. Hey, don't worry! :) I'm great, and you? :) The start of the second term starts next week so probably I won't have much spare time too :/ I hope you're doing well! ^.^

  7. I want so bad to visit England! In a city which is about 75 km away from my town there is a low-cost airline and I hope this year to visit it (even though it's unlikely :/ ) :) By the way, I'm going to an excursion to Italy with some friends and my German teacher! It's a pity we won't visit Germany, it would be so great to meet each other! :) I'll be at my aunt's house so I can't answer your message till Monday :/ Have a nice weekend! :) ^.^

  8. No, I don't use Photoshop as I have difficulties with its use. :/ Sometimes I use Photoscape - it's much easier :) I must learn how to use Photoshop!! :D You are going to London? So nice! I hope you have a great time there and I'm looking forward to seeing your photos if possible! :) ^.^

  9. Yes, it was a small vacation. :) I haven't got much time for shooting today because I had to look after my little sister.Unfortunately, I have only 2 photos which I would like to show you. :( I'm not impressed with them, I prefer the summer photos. The next time there will be more photos! :) http://img577.imageshack.us/img577/8583/img0318ccu.jpg http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/5717/img0346kw.jpg

  10. That's so cool! Even though you're assistant you practise to make better photos. :) Yesterday was heavily snowing and we now we have a great snow cover. I'm thinking of making some photos (tomorrow I'm having day off from school because today is a referendum day) :) If I take some I will show them to you! ^.^ :)

  11. Hey! :) Haven't heard from you for a long time. You have awesome avatar again! :) ^.^

  12. You definitely deserve them! :) The photgraphy is vast topic - you can create any pictures you want and see different meanings in each. That's my definition. :) ^.^ I really like yours! We learn every day ang become better with every taken picture. You're on the right way to become a professional! :)

  13. Woow! :surprised: They should qualify you as a professional! You're so good - you surpassed my expectations! I have a lot more to learn! I hope I reach your potential one day! ^.^ :) (In my opinion, Canon is the best brand for cameras :))

  14. Thank you! When I make some good photos I will certainly send them to you (we will see how ;) ). What camera do you use? Mine is Canon 1000D (my family made it as a Christmas family gift :D )

  15. Thank you!It's good that the test was easy for you! Lately I haven't got much time to practise but when the summer vacation come I will have more to spend on practising. :sunny: I'm so happy that we have a lot in common. It's so nice to meet people online with the same interests like you! :) :nice:

  16. Thank you!It's good that the test was easy for you! Lately I haven't got much time to practise but when the summer vacation come I will have more to spend on practising. :sunny: I'm so happy that we have a lot in common. It's so nice to meet people online with the same interests like you! :) :nice:

  17. Yes - today was quite easy! :) Photography class test? :O My hobby is photography! I love to take pictures of people and beautiful landscapes. There is still much to learn and I hope someday I'll be taking really good photos ^.^ I'm not into Informatics too - they're not just my cup of tea. :/

  18. Thank you! :) I have tough day today, I hope the following days will be easier. :)

  19. Woow! You study in so beautiful place! :O It's a big omission I don't know it! I love being among nature - you feel so relaxed! You're lucky you have the opportunity to study there! :sunny: Oh, I have my German Klassenarbeit back :) I have 86/100 points and I have A :) I have some mistakes I must learn from(they include Dativ Personalpronomen). Hope you're having a great week :)

  20. Congratulations for the excellent grades! It's not okay, it's PERFECT :) ^.^ Unfortunately, I don't know Lake Constance :/

  21. Hey! I'm so glad and happy that you received my present! :) I'm so sorry it had a bad travelling and the card is squashed :( But I hope you will get from the gift all of the positively and enjoy it! :) Greetings from Bulgaria! :) :sunny:

  22. Hey :) The German final was long and I hope I did everything good beacuse I was in a hurry to finish it faster (even though I was the last but one to give in). I'm sure that yours are excellent! ^.^ By the by, where do you study? :) P.S. - Sorry for the late reply again!! I was at my aunt's house this weekend and I had a lot to study so just now I have the chance to check your message. ;)

  23. Hey, sorry for the late repply - I hadn't got the opportunity to be on the computer. :( My first day after the vacation was very fast and fun - it was cold in school and instead of 45 minutes we had 25 minutes classes.We hadn't done anything except telling the teachers how we spent the holiday. :) P.S. - I'm having the German final tomorrow. I have made a mistake about the days - Thursday not Tuesday :facepalm:. How is it going with you? :)

  24. Thanks again :) At the weekend I studied for school and helped with the house chores. In a nutshell nothing interesting. I hope you had great weekend. ^.^ :)

  25. Thank you very much! :) There will be Modalverben und Verben mit trennbarem Präfix. I don't have problem with them and I hope I will pass the test :) Thank you again! ^.^

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