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  1. I'm taking maths, biology, chemistry, physics, English - you have to take them at my school! And I'm doing business studies, ancient history, Latin and geography. I really wanted to take media and film studies also, but its not an option, so ill do them ALevel. :)

  2. Ok, thanks. :) What GCSE's did you take? :) Yep, I've heard of Twiggy. :)

  3. Yeah, I'm an Oasis fan too. I found the 'Dig out your soul' CD at my busy sop on the way to school, so I took it! :) Lol. :) I like stuff like Kaiser Chiefs and Killers but I do think Paramore and Fall Out Boy are too pop-ish now. I'm a massive Green Day fan, but UNO, DOS and TRE are too pop like now. Where's all the rock?

  4. Well, I like Punk, such as Sex Pistols and The Clash, and Green day's earlier, harder stuff IS Punk. But, I'm into stuff that I guess is considered Pop-Punk, like blink-182. I used to be really into Fall Out Boy, but I'm less for them now, I don't think their newest album is that good. I also like Paramore, but I think they're Pop-Punk too. I also like nu-metal, y'know Evanescence and Linkin Park. :) Rock like Foo Fighters is awesome too! :) How about you?

  5. Starlight by Muse was played in Waterloo road

  6. Oh. Do you know if my game progress on sims freeplay or simpsons tapped out will be lost if i erase and sync my ipod with mynew computer? ive transfered purchases

  7. Oh. Do you know if my game progress will be lost if i erase and sync my ipod with mynew computer? ive transfered purchases

  8. Do you have sims freeplay for ipod

  9. I don't think green day will spilt anytime soon. Because in the rolling stone interview with billie joe, he was asked if he could imagine green day at 50 years old and 60 years old. Billie joe said yeah keep going! :) Do you have sims freeplay?

  10. I know. I cried when I read it!!!! I actually did, at school, in the library - I screamed!! It's so weird, cause like on the 20th march you were saying to me that you loved welcome to the black parade, and now the band that made it doesn't exist anymore!! On their Wikipedia page it says my chemical romance WAS a band!!! :( I'm just gonna sit and cry for a couple of hours...

  11. Cool! I've got one on my ipod that's of MCR and Green Day! And Gerard Way has a heart grenade t shirt! :) awwww

  12. I love your avatar of Chris and Billie Joe!! Awww... Where was that pic from?

  13. Thanks for the picture comment :)

  14. Yep. Happy birthday to billie Joe on Sunday !! Do you find billie joe hot? I do!! LOL :)

  15. Awwww thanks :) lets just say they're both good

  16. It's awesome! Much better than mine :(

  17. Ok. :) Coldplay are on Sky Arts 1 now of you wanna watch it. They're singing Amsterdam. Yeah it really annoys me when people say ColdPlay or Cold Play or like greenday!!! It's really not that hard to spell!!

  18. Yeah I love Billie Joe and by the way there's no hyphen in his name. :) can you post your picture of BJ on here? ;)

  19. Yeah I'm going to a Green Day concert in June so I can't go the Muse or blink-182 concerts. :( oh well. Yeah in a huge Oasis fan but I'm not particularly fond of Liam! :/ I don't mind Blur but I prefer Oasis much more

  20. I really like MCR. How did you feel when Bob Bryar, the drummer, left the band? Also do you like blink-182 and Muse and Oasis? :) I do

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