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  1. Oh! Go team GB. Did you see usain bolt?

  2. Aw, neither have i but i plan to before i die! Are you watching london 2012?

  3. Hey. Are you watching the Olympics

  4. 1) she said - take that 2) shut your eyes - snowpatrol 3) it's only love - simply red 4) tired - adele 5) latin girls - black eyed peas 6) sunday to sunday - take that 7) take a look - level 42 8) the ocean - u2 9) when doves cry - alex clare 10) human - the killers
  5. what do you think about chris?

  6. Johnny is okay, but I definitely prefer Chris! Are you watching the Olympics? :)

  7. Chris IS hot, isn't he? Have you met him?

  8. Hi, are you watching the Olympics? Who are you cheering on?

  9. Hey guys!!! I am so happy and excited to be a part of this forum. Coldplay are the best band in the whole universe and Chris Martin is hot!:laugh3:
  10. Thanks :) If you can think of any other drawings I could do, cool!

  11. hey, i'm new to this and want to know how i can put a saved picture as my profile picture. can one of you please tell me how?

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