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  1. I hope you had a merry christmas too and I hope you have a lovely year for 2014!!

  2. Is this a joke or are you seriously asking me? :lol: Joke: I don't know, what sound does a goat make? :P

  3. We are pretty cool ;):cool2:

  4. You're a cool guy :cool:.


  6. Yeah. I love Harry Potter :awesome:, I am questioning why you haven't watched it for a year? :o it's awesome :D Emma Watson is so beautiful :bigcry:. You have to go Harry Potter world and tell me what it's like :D! The studios are amazing...am....az.....ing.

  7. Everywhere has those idiots who want to make people's lives a misery though. :( In America you have Harry Potter world! I wanna go sooooo bad. I've been to the studios in London but I wanna go the theme park :awesome: You'll have to excuse my harry potter nerdism

  8. I've been to Florida, it was when I was really young though and it was to Disney land. I would go back, I still love disney haha. Do you like living in America?

  9. Northern lights are so beautiful, must be breathtaking seeing them in real life!

  10. Last time I went London was November last year, wow been a while :o. I love London! I want to travel the world! Molly's world tour :awesome:

  11. I want to see the northern lights, anywhere, they're just beautiful. NYC, LA, Paris, Rome, Brighton, and various others :D I've just got back from Devon, it's lovely there :nice:

  12. I wanna see the world too! I've always wanted to go to New York!! I'm from Warwickshire: Shakespeare's county :P

  13. My time machine is in the shape of a telephone box, pretty tight :\ ill send it back and it can pick you up :P where are you from? :nice:

  14. Your avi is amazing.

  15. If I invent a time machine, we can go back to the sixties :P

  16. Thanks :P I'm quite traditional too... I'm just an old person in a young persons body :lol: I think the traditional values, just basic manners and everything have been forgotten... So sad : ( SEE this is why I was meant to live in the 60's :p

  17. Wow, love your style, wish more guys dressed like you! And yes, muse were amazing, I loved it, they weren't as good as the Coldplay concert though! If you search 'modettes' into google images you can get my basic style, shirts tucked into skirts, polo shirts with skirts, button ups with trousers etc etc. :)

  18. I'm a modette, so my style is very similar to that of the sixties ladies. I saw Muse in May, they were brilliant. How do you dress? :)

  19. Oh Frank Sinatra, what a man. :wacky:. Coldplay are my favourite band in the world. But other than that I love mainly 60's and some 70's stuff. The Who are my second favourite band, absolutely love them. I like Booker T & the MG's, The Ronettes, The Casdcades, The Jam, The Smiths, The Specials, Toots & the Maytals, The Kinks, The Small Faces, David Bowie, The Beatles. Music genre wise, I like alternative rock (muse n stuff), ska, 2tone, bit of reggae, I love northern soul, classic rock and indie. Are you 50's in your style too? Or just music from 40s/50s?

  20. Oh really, what music do you like? :P

  21. Oh, just to name a few ;) :lol: haha Yes well, I'm a sixties girl at heart :heart::laugh3:

  22. Yes :awesome: how did you know? :P

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