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  1. Ghost Story by Coldplay.

  2. UTW/TP may have been a bit rushed though. It's aussie so called indie so of couse it's bound to be just like that. It's a meme in a way.

  3. Did you hear how shite blur is?

  4. Dat avatar. I had it on various forums for a couple of weeks.

  5. Like this band?

  6. Welcome to coldplaying.

  7. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukNOaKeUEQY"]San Cisco - Awkward - YouTube[/ame] Here is their biggest hit.

  8. I meant San Cicso and it's the american version.

  9. Would you rather seen that or something like lospalosa? I'm shocked they got 360 and Sin Cinso on the lineup.

  10. Does it hurt like heaven?

  11. Did you remove it?

  12. Why does it say your turning 14 today?

  13. For the last.fm game.

  14. Not at all. I thought people would have judged you for listening to bands such as Blur instead of one direction/justin bieber.

  15. What is your last.fm?

  16. Do people judge you for loving british music?

  17. Who are you on last.fm?

  18. Who is your owner?

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