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  1. *Is in shock* Is this the Knights of Cydonia video?? Yesh? http://rapidshare.de/files/25996953/Knights_of_Cydonia_video.wmv.html Bloody hilarious :D Can see where they were going...although something tells me they went feeling erm....normal at the time :P Anywho, Im off to France in a bit and gonna pick me up a nice Showbiz boxset Bye Bye
  2. It is quite sad news, I love listening to Piper At The Gates of Dawn. Intersteller Overdrive is my fav Barret-lead Song (I've not heard any of his solo material) In the light of all this though, maybe there is a possibility of one final performance of Wish You Were Here or even Shine On... Could be possible Rest In Peace
  3. I had, but only the day before on MySpace :D They were amazing, Knights of Cydonia left me speechless...it was the way the crowd just sang along to the bridge...it's just...it's something you have to hear for real to understand. Oh, and some news- Knights Of Cydonia video - 11th July MTV will show the full on July the 7th :D
  4. That gig was AMAZING!!!!!! I'm still in shock from how awesome it was, it must of been just over 500 people there! So intimate, and the new songs sounded so good! I was in the middle of the right hand side, inline with the beardy Chris. I cannot wait until they tour...I'll definatly be seeing them again soon Setlist- 'Take A Bow' 'Bliss' 'Map Of The Problematic' 'Butterflies & Hurricanes' 'Starlight' 'Plug In Baby' 'Citizen Erased' 'Soldier's Poem' 'Feeling Good' 'Stockholm Syndrome' 'Invincible' 'Supermassive Black Hole' 'Hysteria' 'Assassin' 'New Born' ------------
  5. Yeah, I heard that when they first did it, it was gonna be about 250 :stunned: But 1500 sounds good. That'll include the guests aswell. It's going to be so amazing, and I haven't heard the new album yet so I won't recognise some of the songs :D
  6. Well one free Muse concert anyway At Shepherds Bush Empire IT's going to be so awesome, and it's this Wednesday :D
  7. I won the Supermassive Gig Competetion!!!!! I'm soooooo fookin' happy :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  8. I do, tis very good and gives some of the songs quite a change (The Samll Print for example is quite scary when played like that) And Ren, still offering that video :P
  9. *Has now heard Map of the Problematique* *Is now very happy* *Still won't download the album*
  10. Ahh, I meant the live version But the album has leaked http://invictus.softmeg.com/ Check it out (Not the album of course :P)
  11. It's all been leaked! Bastards, I've not even heard the studio version of KoC or Map Of The Problematique yet. *Is going to wait until 3rd July! (Can do it!)* Luckily though, none of the muse forums are letting people put links up
  12. Hmm, I heard that A Crying Shame is the new B-Side? Unless, Glorious is its new name. Sounds good either way:P
  13. Awwwh, Muse love I agree, I want them to tour! I just wanna see them, I wanna see Knights of Cydonia played live!!
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