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  1. 2 hours ago, vinny9 said:

    Can we talk about 

    I get easily clowned- but I seriously believe this is part of the meaning behind FFTF 2024. 
    Music of the Spheres (the project name) . Finished for the Fans (Fight for the future) with 2024 (basically referring to finishing 'The Race' itself. I don't think 2024 refers to a year or date at all. 

    Great find! I thought it was a date/year first but then I began to think the numbers '20' and '24' meant something (since CM has been seen wearing 24 on his shirt) but you may be onto something here!  

  2. 2 hours ago, AnaMarie said:

    Guys...I really think it’s just the moon phases, they have been there since AHFOD! 

    The moon phases changing have been there since AHFOD? I guess I haven't been paying attention.. haha.  I am curious about Friday, July 17th though.  I think we will a significant announcement.... hopefully.

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  3. Our band just updated their Facebook and cover photo .. 😳😬😅

    A slightly modified AHFOD logo with a spacey looking background 🤷🏽‍♂️  The color palette is also in a different order.

    Their Twitter as well..  isn’t the 20th anniversary of parachutes a week from today?


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  4. On 3/12/2020 at 4:11 PM, DJK said:

    Great observation!


    I am updating my observation/prediction as well..  😛   Mayyybe FFTF 2024 is the name of the first single and an introduction to the new era while May 11, 2020 is the actual release date of the single :)

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  5. I love seeing this thread comes back to live again. Let’s go people there’s a new album we have to make new theories about.

    I feel the same way!!! You gotta love the time leading up to a new LP!

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  6. In that live stream on Instagram Chris said some stuff:

    -when asked to play Us Against The World he said that they didn’t finish it back then and did now but didn’t want to promote anything at this point

    -when asked for UFO he said there’s another one called like that that we don’t yet know

    -in the very beginning he mentioned he was supposed to be with the band now but they are in different parts of the world/different countries (don’t remember what he said precisely but in that way definitely)


    I just finished watching the stream too!! I didn’t watch 100 % of it because of internet connectivity but I did catch a portion where he played a song I didn’t recognize (was it a cover or... ) but stopped after 5 or so seconds and said “it’s too early to try that” or something like that :)

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  7. [ATTACH type=full" alt="11229]11229[/ATTACH]

    I did this

    I like it!! I think the top sphere is LP9. Could it be Mars?? I mean it would make the most sense.. The car in the photo from the EL booklet is a Rover... and there a mission to Mars in 2024 or something? Either way, we know LP 9 will be something about traveling through Space...

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  8. I think February 4th of 2020 is a little too soon. I guess it's possible, but it's on a Tuesday (most major album releases are on Fridays) and I seriously wonder if they'd have the time to finish a brand new album so soon after focusing on 17 songs (Everyday Life + Flags) for the past year unless they pulled a Kid A+Amnesiac and worked on two albums simultaneously. Even April 2nd seems unlikely because it's just so soon. I would think they'd like to spend a good portion of the year finishing the new record. And 2024 is just so far off... that is NOT "coming soon" :joy:


    If FFTF stands for "Fight For the Future," I think it's worth noting that there is an internet copyright, privacy, censorship, and net neutrality advocacy group by that name:



    I'm not sure what that means in terms of this supposed space theme, though. Maybe "Fit For the Future" is more likely to be the album title.


    Thinking about the characters on the license plate again, It could very well be April, 2, 2020 (at least according to how date notation is used here in Germany LOL) By the way, this is a Thursday. Maybe a new single or an introduction to a new era? :)

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