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  1. happy birthday have a great one best wishes :)

  2. Domino 8/10 + color scheme was very nice. good job with the over saturated look. + keira is <3 - a bit too plain at times - i got confused at too many points - sloppy humor that wasn't funny - not much of originality well i could think of more minuses than plusses but overall i enjoyed it, clearly not the BA-BOOM of the year but from movies i've lately watched it was ++
  3. bush is being greatly despised around finland. i just hate his fucking face and think he's bloody annoying, and maybe don't agree with many of his actions but seriously some of the shit that's been poured on his shoulders has been just a question of bad luck. everyone makes mistakes, even nation leaders. but it's funny how hating bush is in fashion. anyway, i think you guys have had more worse presidents than him though. i strongly disagree with all this ' you have to be wise to be a president ' shit though. to succeed in life - or rather in this case have the access to high class careers,
  4. yar i need some nice program but before downloading i thought i'd ask if any of you have good experiences of some programs / sites because i myself tend to download always the most virused up ones :E so yeah, any nice dvd region killers to download for windows xp? for viewing i'm using a VLC media player.
  5. what you learn / don't learn in school has a lot to do with yourself. most important thing you get of school imo is the global knowledge and how to cope in everyday situations. i think learning alone at home is one of the worst things that can be. the social environment is more than important when you're in the age of growning up.
  6. 0 what's the worst thing you've ever said to someone?
  7. pharynx


    hi again. and omg hi to ren!! Master Ren :D wah my internet connection is brooken so therefore the absence. also Reilleee, if you read this some day: sorry i disappeared from msn one day just like poof or woof but my internet cut and wasn't able to fix it until now. although it's still not working. anyhoo. have a good day all :kiss: /spoons
  8. ohh i gotta do that if i can find her. :D awesome, thanks for the tip bon bons. :love: and yes, cut hair! i'm considering to do the same :thinking:
  9. hahah whaaaat? :inquisitive:
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