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  1. 8 hours ago, Famous Old Painter said:

    Colorutara currently has a score of over 4/5 on RYM, which is pretty huge. RYM is usually very negative towards Coldplay even when they're at their best, so this is a huge surprise. Several users are even calling it the best progressive rock song of the 2020s so far, which is insane. 

    Yeah f*ck them anyway

  2. I woke up and listened to it again to check if i was not dreaming last night... this is just a miracle.

    Plus it makes the other songs of the album shine so much more. It gave more depth and sense to HP and HH because we know the end of the journey and where it leads to. 

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  3. Wow... i was not expecting to hear that after Higher Power and My Universe. This is such a great, dreamy progressive song... Some parts are really inspired by Moving to Mars, which is one of their most underrated songs. 

    I just love it... But f*ck. We could have had a whole progressive album like Coldplay's Dark Side of The Moon... just imagine!! But I won't complain and I'm gonna enjoy one of the best songs they released in years... Thank you my 4 british friends ( 5 i love you too phil ) 🥰


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