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  1. I think everything has already been told ... Music of The Spheres is not Coldplay's best record for sure. It's also the first time I don't take a Coldplay album as a whole and I know it goes with the " one song for one sphere " idea but ... I don't feel it. The band has always been so minutious with the atmosphere of their other eras that I can't help feeling something a bit too bland and neutral. 

    It doesn't mean the songs are bad : Human Heart, Infinity Sign and of course Coloratura sound really amazing to me. Maybe the problem comes of the way they thought about it at the beginning : it feels like they wanted a record to tour with and they made a universe after that statement. I wanted them to be free from the beginning and release something from their pure musicality. I don't know how they worked on this one, it feels like Chris would send ideas to the other members from his studio in L.A and they just followed the lead, with maybe less brainstorming and big studio sessions than Everyday Life. Coloratura feels like when they finally got together and made a song together, as old friends.

    Still I can hear Chris and Coldplay's talent, I know it's here. But it could have been done differently... Anyway. Love them ‚ô•

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  2. I think I like My Universe more than HP as a radio-friendly song. The chorus is very catchy and the ending is really fun. Nice atmospheric sound near the end as well ! Flawless production by the way... and that point makes this song already better than every single from AHFOD imo..

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  3. 8 hours ago, Famous Old Painter said:

    Colorutara currently has a score of over 4/5 on RYM, which is pretty huge. RYM is usually very negative towards Coldplay even when they're at their best, so this is a huge surprise. Several users are even calling it the best progressive rock song of the 2020s so far, which is insane. 

    Yeah f*ck them anyway

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