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  1. I think that the fact of dividing people has always been one of our biggest faults :embarrassed:

    No matter what we think , what we are , the way we live ... We love Coldplay ! And that's what matters in this forum , isn't it ? :D

  2. Round 1 :

    Life In Technicolor vs. Mylo Xyloto

    ==> Mylo Xyloto


    Round 2:

    Lovers In Japan vs. Hurts Like Heaven

    ==> Hurst Like Heaven


    Round 3:

    Cemeteries Of London vs. Paradise

    ==> Paradise


    Round 4:

    Viollet Hill vs. Major Minus

    ==> Violet Hill


    Round 5:

    Viva La Vida vs. Charlie Brown

    ==> Viva La Vida


    Round 6:

    Strawberry Swing vs. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

    ==> ETIAW


    Round 7:

    Lost! vs. Princess Of China

    ==> Lost!

    Round 8:

    42 vs. Up In Flames

    ==> 42


    Round 9:

    Yes vs. Us Against The World

    ==> Us Against The World


    Round 10:

    Reign Of Love vs. U.F.O.

    ==> U.F.O


    Round 11:

    Chinesse Sleep Chant vs. Don't Let It Break Your Heart

    ==> Don't Let It break Your Heart


    Round 12:

    The Escapist vs. A Hopeful Transmission

    ==> The Escapist


    Final Round:

    Death And All His Friends vs. Up With The Birds

    ==> Death and all his friends



    MX = 7

    VIVA LA VIDA = 6

  3. You know these people? Wow! They're really good.

    What a catchy song I absolutely loooooooooove it. Awesome drum beat and lovely vocals!



    And welcome to the pub if you haven't posted here before :nice:


    I only know the bassist , but i agree with you ! :D Thank you for listening to them !

    Yeah it's the first time i've posted here ! Thank you for the welcome :D

  4. Hello everybody !

    My name is Alexandre , i'm 19 and i'm french ! ( so sorry for my bad english ! )

    I've been a Coldplay fan for two years and i decided to suscribe to this forum because it seems that it is the best and the most well-known forum of this band ! I'm also subscribed to the French forum of Coldplay !

    My favorite album is Parachutes ( AROBTTH is the second one ) , and my favorite member is Chris Martin :D

    I hope i'll have a good time here :lol:


    PS : It will also force me to write in english , which is a good thing for my exams ! Ahah !

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