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  1. Life In Technicolor vs. Sunrise

    Cemeteries Of London vs. Church

    Lost! vs. BrokEn

    42 vs. Trouble In Town

    Lovers In Japan vs. Daddy

    Reign Of Love vs. WOTW/POTP

    Yes vs. Arabesque

    Chinesse Sleep Chant vs. When I Need A Friend

    Viva La Vida vs. Orphans

    Violet Hill vs. Guns

    Strawberry Swing vs. Èkó/Cry Cry Cry/Old Friends

    Death And All His Friends vs. Champion Of The World

    The Escapist vs. Everyday Life ( both )


    VLV : 7

    EL : 7


    Let's say it that way :

    1. Sunrise

    2. VLV

    3. Sunset

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  2. So ... what can i say about this album that hasn't been already said ?

    I don't want to think about ranking it or comparing it with other records because the identity of Everyday Life tells you not to do it. Watching Sunrise this morning, alone in my student bedroom, reminded me why i love this band.


    This band came to me 8 years ago with the joy of Mylo Xyloto which helped me and still help me to keep smiling in the darkest moments.

    The same year, i bought a keyboard to play their songs and from that moment, i began to compose my own songs. Everyday Life reminded me WHY i should thank them : they demystified an art which seemed to complex and inaccessible to me. They allowed me to think that one day, i could compose to. That everybody can. Not because their music is easy ... but because it is beautifully simple. Everything is in chords progression, everything is in how you want to express something and how sincere you are with your art. Coldplay made me understand that and even if their music can be complex too ( Arabesque, Trouble in Town ), it is just an evolution of a simple and pure form of art, the one from The Blue Room EP and from Parachutes. Man, they're so great ...

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  3. I'll write a complete review after its official release but this is the Coldplay who reminds you to be a good person. This is the Coldplay who allows you to be an adult with a child's soul. This is the Coldplay we all love because they don't divide, they don't condemn. This is the same Chris Martin who told us 20 years ago that we live in a beautiful world, yeah we do, yeah we do. Thank you.

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