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  1. This is ... different ! At least we can't say they're stuck to the same genre ... I'm sure it will grow in me, the instrumental is good and all the EP seems to be deeper, melodically and lirically speaking, than AHFOD !


    Edit : Well it's definitely an awesome song. AND THOSE STRINGS AT THE END :heart:

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  2. Is the stage really high? Can you see much at the front?


    No it is not ! We were really close to the stage and it is perfect for those who are in front of the stage ! I heard some people who where far from it found it more difficult to see them because the stage is not that high ! But i talk about Nice, maybe it will be different in other stadiums

  3. It was my first Coldplay concert, my favourite band since i'm 17 and i'm 22 now, so this was a very very special night to me.

    And i was just in front of the stage, so i saw the entire band just in front of my eyes. It is such a strange feeling ... It's like i saw so many videos and interviews of them that i've almost forgot they really exist haha ... I didn't cry ( well some tears for Fix You ), but i've screamed for 2 hours and now i can't speak.


    What striked me is the positive energy the band and especially Chris give us. The atmosphere of AHFOD tour is very zen, calm ... And even if we were tired of all the travel, they gave us a very peaceful and incredible atmosphere. It's like they took out all the anger and the hatred and told us " We haven't got time for that, let's party together and be happy whatever people say "

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the true definition of music. Music is a party. And Coldplay unites us all for that party.

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  4. Why? It's not a competition.


    I'm still tasting MSP, because even KoL started to feel great after couple of month. It would be a pity if its the last Radiohead album (all these stuff with deleting data from official site and social media's). And I agree its not Radiohead best album, far from it. At least now.


    Hardcore fans already knew or heard 7 tracks out of 11. So it has vibes of "Greatest hits", the essence of the band.


    I know, but Coldplay still my favorite band after all, even if i know that their music, objectively, has not the quality of Radiohead music. I know that's sound strange

  5. I thought the ending with Fix You and Up&Up was very beautiful.

    But i don't know ... I feel like Chris wants to be something he's not. Even if MX and AHFOD have big worlwide hits and even if they are all great performers, i don't feel that Chris and Coldplay's personalities match with this type of shows.

    And this makes me think about a lot of things ... Coldplay has created a small world in every of their tour, there's a group synergy that i don't find in any other band but i feel like they are compelled to be big, that even if Chris wants to share happiness with the bottom of his heart, he remains the melancholic Chris we all know. You know, we say that the saddest persons smile the most ... That's Chris. But i love him, i love them, whatever they'll do in the future, i know they will never have bad intentions.

    We never change, do we ? :parachutes:

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