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  1. Happy Christmas Angie, may dreams of Jonny's sugar plums be dancing in your head!

  2. I got it in the mail so quick too! Thanks a bunches Ang! Keep an eye on the post for one coming your way.

  3. NO! Tell me all about it! Isn't he grand? :D

  4. and a Happy Will-year to you! Cheeky monkey :p

  5. Yes I seen it, and I think I saw you on the boat ;) It took me a while but I finally spotted you :p I am so jealous that you got to go, but I am sure you had a great time. I will PM you my address straight away, Miss you! xo

  6. :escaping2:Boo!:escaping2:

  7. Hey Angie me darlin, T2 told me you were looking for me. Here I am, how may I service you? :p

  8. Thank you for the birthday wish!! <3

  9. Thank you for the birthday wish! <3

  10. Thank you for the birthday wish! <3

  11. Thank you for the birthday wish! <3

  12. Thank you for the birthday wish! <3

  13. I missed you too :) and That is great Daryl, I am so happy that you have found someone and that you are getting along so well.

  14. Hiya Daryl, it's been a very long time since I have chatted with you. I hope you are doing well!

  15. no, i didn't realize you studied in london! that rocks! i'm jealous, i want to go sooooo bad I don't blame you for wanting to go back, I don't think I would ever want to leave. I'm coming back to Indiana this summer for a few weeks to visit family, and go to see Tom Petty at Verizon so I'm excited to come back home but glad I don't have to stay lol bye 4 now :heart: :hug:

  16. Hey Lizzy! Great to hear from you, I am not on here as much I would like to be and probably wont be on here much since I am going back to school this summer, but to your question, yes, I moved out the corn state to the apple state of Washington! I love it here, Seattle is awesome and where I live on Whidbey Island is beautiful! So how are you dear? It's been too long.

  17. it must be something in our genes :laugh3:

  18. it is, when i am bored and nothing else to do, i go right for this site, I admit I am an addict, just like my sig says, I am a COLDPLAY CRACKHEAD lol

  19. it's actually pretty boring, but this message board gets me through the day, its like crack haha

  20. same here, I am at work right now, bored, you would think i would be better at these games, playing them for almost 8 hours a day haha (bonus is I get paid to play) hahaha btw, I really like your new avvy ;)

  21. I am well, thank you, how are you?

  22. Hey Ang, thanks for the heads up ;) I will have to check out that thread when I am not at work, all the pics are blocked here :((

  23. RIP Nettie we will miss you!

  24. I got the package today! :D THANK YOU!! I already watched the first disk before I came to work and will watch the 2nd one when I get home. OMG! You sent so much good stuff thank you thank you thank you

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