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  1. :escaping2:Boo!:escaping2:

  2. and a Happy Will-year to you! Cheeky monkey :p

  3. angie, get on yahoo msgr if you still have one ;)

  4. Angie!! Where you be? I miss you oodles get back with me!!

  5. aww thanks! :D I am sure I will try to keep my score...but I wish you luck ;)

  6. awww thanks! :D I like to think I am, we all are superfans!

  7. Both if you have them! :D :D But the vic $2 bill is the one I want the most ;) Thank you Angie! XOXO

  8. did you get my pm's? I havent heard back from you yet, so just wondering if they are going through. :s

  9. don't you recognize the colorz? ...WILL SHOES!!! hehehe

  10. haha I am just in the right place at the right time, I guess, I dont know really, God has blessed me with Coldplay luck ;)

  11. haha I will see what I can do ;) sorry for blinding you...how will you see CP now? :(

  12. haha well the only advice I can give is , keep your eyes open and look for any possiblity of getting close. It is so different know that they are so big, but never say never, it is possible. Have fun at the show and good luck :D

  13. Happy Christmas Angie, may dreams of Jonny's sugar plums be dancing in your head!

  14. Hello! I am doing good, getting excited for my Coldplay show tomorrow!! I can't believe it's already here!! :D How are you doing?

  15. Hello! I am good how are you? :)

  16. Hey ang, i gotta go for now, but I will be back tomorrow. we will let ya know how we make out with the tix ;)

  17. Hey Ang, thanks for the heads up ;) I will have to check out that thread when I am not at work, all the pics are blocked here :((

  18. Hey ang! Sorry I jus saw this msg. Not much going on, bored as hell :p whatcha up to?

  19. Hey Angie me darlin, T2 told me you were looking for me. Here I am, how may I service you? :p

  20. Hey Liz! check your inbox ;)

  21. Hey Lizzy! Great to hear from you, I am not on here as much I would like to be and probably wont be on here much since I am going back to school this summer, but to your question, yes, I moved out the corn state to the apple state of Washington! I love it here, Seattle is awesome and where I live on Whidbey Island is beautiful! So how are you dear? It's been too long.

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