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  1. sweet! less than 2 months and you will be here!! EEEE!!!

  2. working a lot :( am busy busy...just looking forward to June and my next Coldplay show! :D what have you been up to?

  3. that is awesome!!! :dance::clap:

  4. WOW! You are a busy guy! That's really cool that you are running. I am too out of shape to do anything like that...right now that is. I am American you know :p hahaha Tennis is cool too, who knew you were so athletic? ;) I got to see Snow Patrol open for Coldplay, they were amazing!! I would love to see Keane! You're so lucky! and yes I have one, but am rarely on it, being that it is blocked at work and that is where I spend most of my online time. I will pm you how to find me on there though, I do check it now and then ;)

  5. Thank you! :D This pic of Guy in my sig is from when I met him, but he refused to let any of us have our pic with him, for some reason, he must have been in a bad mood that day haha so he let me just take a pic of him, which was weird, but I was happy to get it ;)

  6. Happy Christmas Angie, may dreams of Jonny's sugar plums be dancing in your head!

  7. yay! september isnt too far off ;) and i will share all my pics and vids :D no worries!

  8. you are soo very welcome, I knew you would appreciate them ;) :hug:

  9. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Thank you so much Ang! You're the best! :kiss: :hug:

  10. well a lil light at the end of the tunnel, check your inbox ;)

  11. hi amy! Yes, please do :D I am glad you like it!

  12. YAY! now we're friends! :D Thanks!

  13. I have some Gary Pics from the Indy show...enjoy! [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

  14. Hey Ang, thanks for the heads up ;) I will have to check out that thread when I am not at work, all the pics are blocked here :((

  15. Hey Liz! check your inbox ;)

  16. YAY!! I sent you a pm with my address ;) and whatever the quality, I will be happy just to be able to watch it again...and again...

  17. Hey Lizzy! Great to hear from you, I am not on here as much I would like to be and probably wont be on here much since I am going back to school this summer, but to your question, yes, I moved out the corn state to the apple state of Washington! I love it here, Seattle is awesome and where I live on Whidbey Island is beautiful! So how are you dear? It's been too long.

  18. so thought I would move the conversation here, how are you doing? Anything new going on in your life?

  19. I know poor Ang! I am depressed to they fucking rescheduled the chicago show, added another one and I can't go to either :( they hate us!!! *cries hysterically*

  20. I am well, thank you, how are you?

  21. Hi Liz!! I know I am sooo excited! EEE!! Less than 2 months now. WOOT!!

  22. Hello! I am good how are you? :)

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