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  1. Hey Liz! check your inbox ;)

  2. well a lil light at the end of the tunnel, check your inbox ;)

  3. ooo that sounds fun! Where did you go? I have been here/there/everywhere haha I have been having a stressful time with work changes and no car (it died) etc. Bleh! Life's been rough lately. Anyway, sorry if I am slow responding, am at work.

  4. it's been a long time, thought while I was here, I would say hello! Hope you are doing well :D

  5. Angie!! Where you be? I miss you oodles get back with me!!

  6. I miss you too me love, but dont worry, I am sure we will be reunited one day to share the Coldplay glow again! ;)

  7. You know I love you! You will have to share your upcoming stories with me ;) Wish I could be there. I hate not being able to see the Cold Play with you :(

  8. I know it's been a while, but thank you for the birthday wishes! You are a sweetheart!

  9. I know poor Ang! I am depressed to they fucking rescheduled the chicago show, added another one and I can't go to either :( they hate us!!! *cries hysterically*

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