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  1. Oldplayer here! I've been on the forums since 2010 (used to have another profile that I got locked out of) and I wanted to send off my thoughts on MOTS before I likely take a break from doing this sort of forum thing! It's nice to see everyone's reactions to the album and that there's a lot of different faves. 


    First up my longer written thoughts:


    Music of the Spheres Vol. 1 - 6 to 7/10

    Overall, I’m happy but torn. MOTS feels like Coldplay’s boldest pop album yet, but there’s nothing too surprising to me as a longtime fan. What’s to be immediately appreciated is the band’s ability to successfully be a pop chameleon – delivering massive, neon stadium rock chants and melancholy ballads. But unlike past albums, like the mostly self-produced Ghost Stories or the Stargate-stained AHFOD, this album has its own distinct varnish from Max Martin. And for this set of songs, I think Max serves the band well BUT he also likely pulls away some of the sounds that could have made songs better in my opinion. In interviews, the band has mentioned pulling back and being more open to "pop" sounds on this album, echoing some of the same sentiments going into GS and AHFOD. But as an Oldplay fan, I did find myself missing Jonny's guitar solos, Davide Rossi's strings, and Will's organic drums which are largely replaced by computer drums on this record.

    The rock songs still pack some punch, whether that’s the massive and life-affirming riff on Humankind or the Floyd solo on Coloratura. And the pop songs feel slicker than ever -- Higher Power and My Universe have rich bass, well-mixed vocals and a satisfying amount of guitar and bass licks to keep ever band member engaged even. But these aren't the most memorable or creative Coldplay singles.

    The album also occasionally gets weird. People of the Pride, which is definitely pretty soft for a “hard” rock song, still packs a head-bopping punch and is filled with little distortions and grandiose horns to make it feel edgy. Biutyful is truly bizarre but a joy to listen to – almost like a country rap song but with heartfelt lyrics, an alien squirrel on vocals, and psychedelic watery effects. These songs show an evolution in Coldplay that blends pop and alternative together with overall satisfying results. This can’t be said with other songs, however. Let Somebody Go with Selena Gomez is fine while it’s on, but it has this weird structure and shifts that make it feel like it was recorded in a dozen studios. Luckily Human Heart, a headphone-filling hymn, is very gorgeous despite its mediocre lyrics.

    There’s also the transitions, which are a big issue for me. While this style of short-to-intermediate interludes is not new for the band, they feel more like Chris trying to create a collage art project than a good listening experience. Sure, each smaller emjoi track sounds good and might break up the pacing well, but I can’t help but wonder if this was done for the emojis more than the songs. Infinity, surprisingly, is my least favorite moment on the album. Forgetting that this could have been the much better and more exciting Life Is Beautiful (which breaks my heart), the drums are stiff and clacky. The beat established sounds like a bad early 2000’s euro techno song in a video game, and the inclusion of church choir vocals feels like a total head-scratcher. I get needing to transition from MU and Coloratura with a glitchy song, but Guy and Jonny are nowhere to be found on this and I don’t think the songs elements come together.

    But the closer of the album, Coloratura pays off. It’s a 10/10 listen for me and I actually think it fits into the album better than I thought it would – though it really does away with the other odd quirks the album had.

    I’m still optimistic moving forward to more Volumes of MOTS, but this first album ends up being a lower-tier record for me, along with AHFOD and GS. I like it and will likely listen to it a lot as a Coldplay fan, but for my taste, there’s a lot of instrumentation omitted from the album that could have made it more interesting (i.e. guitar solos, horns, strings, etc). and Chris’s lyrics throughout are just not very good. However, I do have to continue admiring Coldplay's openness to collaborate, especially with diverse artists and producers, and how the lyrics of the songs (while sometimes frustratingly elementary) are often about universal human issues.


    Track x Track Thoughts/Review


    MOTS (no rating)

    A lovely intro to this new era that isn’t altogether very surprising or creative. The ambience is very similar to AIMH from GS and I love the glitchy noises, reminiscent of MX from 10 years ago. I only wish this was longer, even just 30 seconds more would help the listener sink into the vibe a bit more.

    HP (7/10)

    A great addition to Coldplay’s single catalogue with a catchy chorus, great backing vocals from the love choir, and a fun 80’s groove thanks to great synths and Guy’s bass. This is one of Coldplay’s best produced songs – the vocals are clean, the guitar licks effects are audible, and the balance of modern pop and 80’s drums works. I also love the little sparkling effects throughout the song giving it space-vintage vibe. Unfortunately, Chris’s vocal performance is a bit understated and lyrically there isn’t much teeth. And while the song does pick up in the final chorus and outro, it feels a bit underwhelming. I would have liked more energy at the end, like a guitar solo, horns, choirs, more synths, a change in tempo – really anything to bring it home. It might be a slightly better album opener than AHFOD but the energy isn’t quite there.

    Humankind (9/10)

    This is exactly where Coldplay is best: Strong melody, great instrumentation, weird synth and alien sounds. Humankind feels like an MX song with extra rays of sunshine. The vocal effects and combinations are some of the best they’ve ever done. There’s a clear inspiration from stadium 80’s rock – Bruce Springsteen, Van Halen. The retro guitar licks and beautiful intro and outro tie this song together beautifully, it’s given plenty of time to breathe. My only small critique is I wish Jonny had a bigger guitar moment than the 2-second spot towards the final chorus. In album notes, Chris seemed to think the song was originally “too rock” which makes wish we could hear that version!

    Alien Choir (star emoji) (no rating)

    For having the title “Alien Choir” this has little in the way of choirs… It’s a nice little buffer between Humankind and the slower LSG, but that’s it… It sounds like Jon Hopkins made a quick ambient piece in 5-minutes and they threw it on. But it sets the mood well enough and I appreciate the grandness of it.  

    Let Somebody Go (6/10)

    This is an interesting song but I think it will be forgotten in Coldplay’s catalogue along with other mediocre features like Fun (feat Tove Lo). I appreciate the chill vibes and Chris utilizing a different retro piano sound to make this song have a different feel than say, Everglow. There are some lovely parts – I like the piano flourishes and Guy’s bass during the (awhooo’s). But the song overall is awkward to me and the energy between each section doesn’t match. The quiet intro, the trap beat with Selena’s short vocal feature, and the middle-song climax “when ya love somebody, got to let somebody go” is catchy and feels like it’s really reaching for the heartstrings. But the lyrics here are just… not good. They are just too vague for me to feel any emotional attachment.

    Human Heart (8/10)

    This is one of Coldplay’s most beautiful songs to date & following the template set by BrokEn on EL, I think they nailed their first-ever vocal-only song. Once again, the space + 80’s vocal effect ambience of this song is incredible, it feels Phil Collins-esque with a modern spin. Jacob Collier’s work here is impeccable, the harmonies are so deep that you can listen to it all day and pick up different notes. I also love how the band collabs with the amazing We Are King, who give the BEST female vocals on a Coldplay song yet. My only quibble with this track is the “boy” “girl” dichotomy is kind of boring and overdone in music, but I’m willing to gloss over the lyrics on this.

    People of the Pride (7.5/10)

    This track is a pleasant surprise – a reboot of the popular “Man Who Swears” demo from the Viva era in the style of a Muse song. The epic swelling synths and saxophone intro/bridge feel like a grandiose space epic, echoing the amazing guitar and saxophone finale of Arabesque. I also think the main riff while energetic and fun isn’t all that exciting. We’ve heard a lot of riffs like this before, whether from 80’s hair-metal bands or by Muse proper. Again, I think the song could have benefitted from a bit more energy – even if just a tempo changes at the end or if the instruments were more distorted and heavy sounding. As usual with Coldplay, this song sounds MUCH better live, as the buzzy guitar sound is somehow distorted yet too clean. But lyrically there’s a bit more to chew on here and I enjoy the little weird distortions you can hear in the background of the verse.

    Biutyful (7.5/10)

    This is a surprisingly fun little song and maybe Coldplay’s most bizarre 3-minutes to date. The beat is overall very pleasant and the acoustic guitar is nicely mixed in. Lyrically I actually enjoy the heart-on-sleeve joy of loving another person, and the “love me, love me, love me” refrain is very catchy and Chirs somehow performs it perfectly. I can perfectly understand someone hating this song – the watery synths aren’t that exciting; the beat isn’t that interesting and the high-pitched alien voice is a super odd choice. But somehow it all melds together for me and gets stuck in my head. This almost reminds me of Ink, another song that I shouldn’t like but do.  Perhaps its because the song feels the most like its own planet and the boldest on this album?

    Earth Emoji (MOTS II) (no rating)

    Keeping the weird aliens speech motif going, this is fine. I just don’t know why it needed to be a transition track.

    My Universe (7/10)

    Potentially Coldplay’s biggest song of all time, collaborating with BTS makes this a tough nut to crack as it will have a lot of culture relevance and likely will be awarded & commercially successful for the rest of the year. But at the end of the day, it’s mostly a bop. The bass is funky, the synths hit hard, and BTS’s vocal features are an incredible standout backed by beautiful Korean lyrics. The chorus is also so incredibly fun. It’s classic Chris Martin – lullaby-ish, simple, earnest, cheesy but in a good way if you’re in the mood. I also think the outro is a great way to make the song stand out amongst other 80’s funk-pop songs of late. What prevents this from being a better song for me is the repetition in lyrics and a general lack of creativity. We’ve seen other pop songs in this vein (e.g. Future Nostalgia) give arguably better hooks, more instruments, and funner lyrics. But Coldplay likely won’t get the credit they’re due for writing a song about togetherness and overcoming barriers while literally doing that.

    Infinity Emoji (6/10)

    I am extremely disappointed with this song. Even if we remove the fact that Life Is Beautiful (as performed in 2016) is a much better, more exciting, and explosive, this song elicits little response from me. Of the sounds here are sampled by Jon Hopkins/previously released Coldplay music. The build up sounds suspiciously similar to Life in Technicolor’s sample song, The Light Through the Veins, and the piano sounds like it was pulled straight from the Don’t Let It Break Your Heart reprise found on the Mylo Xyloto DVD. While I appreciate the effort here, this isn’t the type of song that makes me want to jam nor dance. Nor is particularly pretty or beautiful with its awkward transitions and stiff drum beat. What keeps me from flat-out hating the song is the vocals at the end and some of the synths.

    Coloratura (20/20)

    I can’t find a flaw with this song and I don’t care if people call it a Pink Floyd prog-rock ripoff. The opening piano is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve heard, and the core song of the track is both catchy and dreamy. The lyrics as well are amazing – reflecting on this Coloratura nebula as a place of acceptance, peace and love. I love how this song truly gets at the themes of people looking both at space and earth and reflecting on how precious our world is and how beautiful existence is. Jonny’s guitar solo slaps, the “oohh ohh ohh” chorus is amazing and Chris’s piano throughout the song feels like a perfect throwback to the Viva era. Meanwhile the rhythm section delivers some of its most technically impressive work to date. The extra production, including sweeping strings, glockenspiel ambience, and deep wobbling synths are all impeccable. This could be argued as Coldplay’s best-ever song.

    Total: 75/100, but I'm subtracting 5-10 points for lyrics being lackluster and for a general lack of cohesion on this project.


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  2. Hey all, I'm bored waiting for the new album to drop, so thought it'd be fun for folks to share what they think Coldplay will perform during a MOTS world tour era.

    This is particularly tricky because with nine albums out and the band historically performing tight two-hour shows, it is hard to imagine how they play all of their hits while still leaving room for moments that feel intimate, unique and pleasing to old-school fans who have seen them before and don't want to hear the same setlist. There's also the question of whether the tour set up will be like AHFOD, with A,B, and C stages or if they'll do a 360 stage like U2 did a while back. Finally, a question hanging over me: Will they perform anything from fan favorite Everyday Life?

    There are no rules to this! this can be your dream set list or it can be your realistic prediction! 

    Putting mine in spoilers as an example. 


    I think they'll continue using the same stage set up as the AHFOD tour with roughly the same layout. I was lucky to go to an arena show and was just so impressed on how the concert was paced and how it balanced big explosive moments with intimate small feeling moments. I honestly don't see (outside of a 360 stage) how they could make the flow of the concert better, so I think they'll stick to the formula of performing for about 2 hours or just over.  I also think they WON'T play any major songs from Everyday Life, except maybe Guns or an audio transition between songs.

    A Stage

    • MOTS 1 (walk on stage)
    • Higher Power (fireworks) Holographic dancers
    • Humankind
    • Charlie Brown or ETIAW (rotating)
    • Piano transitions and Chris addresses the crowd into... 
    • Paradise
    • Let Somebody Go
    • The Scientist
    • Fix You (fade out, strings and instrumental)

    B Stage

    • Ghost Stories Medley (Magic halfway switches to Ink/True Love)
    • Human Heart
    • Yellow Stripped, band walks off while Chris jams on guitar

    A Stage

    • People of the Pride
    • Violet Hill or Politik
    • Viva La Vida
    • Adventure of a Lifetime
    • MOTS 2 transition
    • My Universe (BTS holograms dancing)
    • ...Band jams over poetry, spoken word goes dark... 
    • BREAK ***When I Need A Friend and lights***

    C Stage in stands

    • Guns
    • X&Y Song: A Message, Til Kingdom Come, Acoustic Speed of Sound
    • Parachutes/AROBTTH song: Sparks, Don’t Panic, Shiver, Warning Sign, Green Eyes

    A Stage 

    • Infinity Sign 
    • A Sky Full of Stars
    • Coloratura


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  3. At this point, I'm confused about what constitutes a single 2021 since artists are constantly dropping songs leading up to albums, but I assume so far Higher Power and My Universe are promotional singles while Coloratura is just an album track.

    So with that in mind, I think Let Somebody Go HAS to be the next single since it features Selena Gomez. Perhaps once My Universe starts dipping in the charts, they could release it as another shot at hitting #1. Maybe a few weeks after the album is out they'll put out a video or some way of promoting it.

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  4. I've always listened to leaks! My philosophy is this: If I get hit by a bus the day before the album drops, I don't want to miss the opportunity. Plus others listen the leaks so it's not like I'm missing out on the shared moment & discussion. I specifically remember listening to GS on a Tuesday before it came out, then AHFOD on the day  after Thanksgiving in 2015 while I was running errands. I listened to EL a think on the Wednesday before it dropped early in the morning as the sun rose, which was magical. I don't recall if MX leaked, but like MOTS we'd heard like half the album by then...

    Edit: And yes, I guess it's technically stealing BUT I do end up buying/streaming these songs a thousand times and delete the leak as soon as the album's out. 

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  5. I am so so excited to hear Humankind and Infinity now given they are going to be stadium rock songs (most likely, we'll see how Infinity plays out). I fell in love with Coldplay during the Viva and MX eras where there was a huge focus on acoustic guitar arena rock songs and singalong chants and I'm really anxious to hear how they modify that in 2021. 

    On the RS review, I wonder if the reviewer felt that Biutyful and MU are weaker just because they stray away from the alt-rock songs of the rest of the album? I do think Coldplay has had an issue ever since AHFOD of having inconsistent sounds on their records or songs that genre-wise don't quite compliment the other songs around it. For example, HP, MU and Coloratura are all pretty dang different in their own respects, but at least have a rock backing to them. Maybe Biutyful is gonna be really poppy & electronic compared to the rest of the album?

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  6. After hearing the live version, I'm curious how folks think the song will be received for it's lyrical content/message. I'll put my thoughts in spoilers! 


    First of all, I overall really like what we've heard from the live performance. While the riff might be a bit generic, I think the intro/bridge/guitar solo at the end give it awesome energy & I'm anxious to hear the studio version, especially since it's The Man Who Swears 14 years late! 

    However, Coldplay tends to get a bit of guff when they have songs about "political" issues. Now celebrating Pride and LGBTQ+ inclusion isn't political imo, it's just accepting people and being proud of our diversity, which is wonderful. But also, most of the lyrics in the song aren't really related to LGBTQ+ issues... like it's a general revolution song about bad, corrupt people in power but then it throws in at the end "we'll all be free to fall in love with who we want" and that's it? It kind of reminds me of when Taylor said "shade never made anyone less gay," out of nowhere on You Need to Calm Down. I guess people can make of the song what they want, and most critics don't understand how long Coldplay has done LGBTQ+ advocacy at their live shows and how Chris has had parts of his life dealing with homophobia. But also, I'm just wondering if others think this could bite them?


  7. Again, entirely all subjective though I think occasionally as folks have pointed out some songs just straight up have mixing problems. What's exciting is that Taylor Swift and other artists are laying the groundwork for music re-releases, so basically re-recording songs and albums. So far, I've found the updated Taylor Swift albums to have better production and layers than the originals, and we can probably attribute that to modern technology & more expensive production value. 

    I do hope Coldplay re-releases some old material, whether demos or revamped songs. X&Y has been talked about for a while and I actually love how that album sounds, but I'd be extremely interested in hearing them re-do it. Also, as Chris has mentioned songs like UFO 2 and UATW could make a comeback and it's my belief that with the Dream Team + folks like Max Martin and Jacob Collier, they could make some of their old songs truly spectacular and take them to the next level. 

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  8. It's hard to define what good production is & there's a conversation about subjectivity or whatever, but for me MOTS will likely go on to be Coldplay's best produced "pop album" based on what we've heard so far, so that is including it in league with Ghost Stories, AHFOD & MX. And before I get any hate, I wanna make it clear I love these albums/era overall. 

    For me a pop album is about sounding "clean" to make the melodies and catchy choruses hit harder. MX is an oddball because it had some clean sounding moments that miss the mark for me (UFO, Up In Flames) but they still had Eno giving the album a lot of color, guitars, and texture. Ghost Stories on the other hand feels somewhat sterile and mixed too quietly. It's almost too watery, if that makes sense. And AHFOD had some great produced moments, but some songs felt like they either needed a bit more or a bit less (AHFOD, Fun, Army of One). Perhaps we owe this to Stargate. 

    Now with MOTS, it's sounding really clean but also punchy. The synths on HP & MU hit hard and Chris's vocals sound great. On top of that, Jonny's minimal pop guitar, the basslines, and drums sound better mixed than they have for a long time in my opinion. The layering on Human Heart is heavenly and huge, and Coloratura is just a masterpiece from start to finish with such incredible production value. And what we've heard from POTP seems like a good mix of clean & catchy presentation without giving up the instruments. It seems like they're doing a good job carrying over some of the styles and lessons of Everyday Life but in a pop music/love song package. So I'm so far liking Max Martin. The songwriting? That's another story.

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  9. Now that everything is out (though I suspect other remixes will come) here are general thoughts. Putting in spoilers for length: 


    My Universe: This is a solid 8/10 song for me. I do think that criticism about it being repetitive & generic is true, especially on the verses. But for me what makes this song one of Coldplay's best singles is the big energy, tight production, and incredible vocal features by BTS. Really it's the harmonies and vocals that make this song stay engaging and it's all very catchy. Guy and Will really stand out for creating a groovy beat on this one, and Chris has a great performance, but wish there was more Jonny guitar licks which are very quiet in the mix. I also love the glitchy outro, creating a jam & dance fade out. I wish there was just a little bit more instrumentation or a bigger moment on the final chorus (like a guitar solo or wailing saxophone) to create a bigger climax -- these are the two biggest bands in the world coming together so why not go all out? But overall I like this song more than Higher Power for its funky groove and message of togetherness across borders.

    My Universe Acoustic: Like the Higher Power acoustic version, this feels a bit lazy to me. They clearly just used the same exact vocal performance and threw it on the instrumental. The guitar kind of reminds me Green Day's Good Riddance, but the performance is good and emphasizes how beautiful the song's melodies are. And the outro is WOW. I bet this will sound really nice live, I've always loved when the band does intense strumming songs. This does make me wish the studio version had this acoustic guitar in the mix a bit. 

    My Universe Supernova 7 Remix: This was a special surprise! Guy Berryman flexing his production skills. I overall think it's one of the better remixes I've heard from Coldplay. I love how this feels like a version of the song if Coldplay went fully into the whole "alien/other planet" sounds. The bassline is super fun and Daft Punk-esque. And how about those cowbell sounds at 1:34! Is this something I'm going to listen to all the time or more than the studio version? Probably not & my only big criticism is there isn't a major mix up in the bass groove from like 1-minute into the song to the end. I think it could have used some other breakdown because it gets a bit tired by the end.


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  10. XMTS should have been a b-side imo. I think it gets a bad rap as well. It's undeniably catchy and shows the band's production talents. My main issue is the bass synths sound almost exactly like Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar and the song itself sandwiched between Army of One and Amazing Day is a weird transition. 

    Coldplay usually is SO good at putting together thoughtful tracklists. I'm curious how MOTS is gonna flow and if there's MOTS II and MOTS III, how they will all tie together into a larger listening experience. 

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  11. Having had the leak for a few months now, I wasn't that excited for this to drop but the new snippet sounds significantly better mastered/mixed. Now I'm really excited because I'm wondering if there's other big changes on vocals or maybe some instruments on this final studio version. I do think this will be a better-received song than HP. Of course some folks won't like this style or the feature, but as a lover of good pop music I think it's fun. Spoiler Thoughts/Questions: 


    Does anyone think there will be a rap verse or some other instrumentals added? The leak was really straightforward, 4 choruses, two verses, one bridge and the cool futuristic EDM outro. I'm thinking maybe the demo that leaked just hadn't been mastered, as in Max Martin hadn't finalized his production. The Tik Tok snippet sounds really big and full, maybe Coldplay's most bombastic single since Paradise! 


  12. Following up here to agree & relate with some recent posts. As a fan for like 17+ years now, it really took the AHFOD era to come to terms with the fact Coldplay will forevermore release a hodge-podge of genres, which will occasionally include stunning moments like Coloratura, Trouble In Town, and Arabesque -- tracks almost every fan can agree are next level in songwriting, production and artistry. I too feel a bit of pain knowing they are capable of making music that would potentially be 10/10 classic level for most critics, but they can't help but put out some bad lyrics and corny choruses on other songs. 

    TLDR below about my thoughts of MOTS from an Oldplayer's perspective following Coloratura. 



    This upcoming era is going to be really interesting because the rollout has some similarities to EL -- the two "singles" so far are the alt-pop song and the huge alternative song (Orphans, Arabesque) (HP, Coloratura). EL ended up being more alternative than I was expecting, because I thought there'd be more tracks like Orphans. So there's a shade of optimism I have about MOTS. If one song is 80's pop and the other is prog-rock, then it would stand to reason that the rest of the album is somewhere in between?

    Yes, MU is gonna be a big dance pop single, and having heard it, idk if I'd say it will be as well-received or as popular as other big singles even if it's fun. But then there's Infinite, Humankind, People of the Pride, Human Heart that taken together could be a really solid and strong core to the album that has more rock music than we're expecting. So I have cautious optimism. The caution is that as an Oldplayer, Higher Power lacks the soul and excitement of Viva, Yellow, Fix You, Speed of Sound, ETIAW imo, and the production is good but I fear some other tracks could suffer from lack of extra instrumentation or something with extra oomph.

    What's so confusing and frustrating to me is that they'll work with an orchestra on Coloratura, they'll work with Femi Kuti on Arabesque, they'll build off of songs with Jon Hopkins, they'll collaborate with Beyonce and Noel Gallagher on the same track. But then on a track like Higher Power, which has a great beat & a catch chorus, what's special? They could have added a guitar solo at the end, or brought in an 80's style brass section at the end when Chris sings "For so loonggg..." But no -- same beat, same synths, and a tambourine. It's hard for me cuz unlike other artists, they just seem to refuse to maintain a consistent sound throughout their albums which means creative moments are just a drop in the bucket.



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  13. It's interesting because closing tracks tend to be the critical statement for so many Coldplay albums and tours. Indeed they performed O, DAAHF, Up&Up, Amsterdam, Everything's Not Lost on those respective tours. But Twisted Logic and Up With The Birds were exceptions here....

    I think Coloratura is doable but it would be more of an immersive performance vs played 100% live. Unless Coldplay finally decides to tour with extra musicians to play strings, glockenspiel, extra keyboards, synths etc, which I don't think will happen. I could see them doing the opening of the song on piano and back track with lasers, then they play the middle of the song live, then move on to another Xyloband, graphics, smoke, and laser section during the glockenspiel/strings around 6-minutes before launching into Jonny's solo and ending the song. 

    But who knows... we could have MOTS Vol. 2 by the time a tour comes around, and by then there may be another album closing track they could perform for this era, and Coloratura by then will simply be a middle transition track between different albums.

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  14. ^Love that optimism and thanks for sharing! I too will hope for this. There's at least got to be a chorus on the song and I also suspect we'll get some sort of solo from Jonny! I also really, really hope that it's a crazy technical solo like Up&Up, HLH or even Major Minus which is just really intense and distorted. 

    And even if I don't love it, the flip side is that it's cool Coldplay is delivering a rock song in 2021 and trying a new vibe on. Who knows, maybe it'll be one of the top tracks! 

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  15. POTP! It's a weird coincidence. I guess it's possible the melody or something from WOTW/POTP gets resused? We'll see. It's a weird song title.

    This tracks is probably the one I feel most nervous about based on the snippet. Full disclaimer, I'm a huge fan of heavy rock music -- including metal, punk, hardcore, etc. I also just love general indie rock music that incorporates lots of guitar effects and solos and easy-going vibes.

    This style of rock however, the Muse-esque turn-up-the-fuzz and play a repetitive pompous rhythm is not my jam. Now Muse has some real barn-burners and I think that band has usually been able to sell their over-the-top style of rock, especially on their last album. I just worry Coldplay is not the right fit and it might feel like they are doing a bad impression. It already sounds a little bit like an ad for Applebees, or a car commercial, or a bud light commercial that gets stuck in your head purely because its very repetitive. 

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  16. Good research all. Yeah I'm pretty thoroughly convinced that we WILL get multiple albums/releases over the next year. 

    It's definitely true that they've used Vol. 1 before inaccurately, and I'd include Global Citizen EP Vol. 1 by Los Unidades in that grouping. That said, it just makes sense for these reasons: 

    The band had to delay releases/tour during the pandemic, so they have more time in studio if they want it. Releasing MORE music is a big trend right now amongst popular artist (i.e. Taylor Swift with Evermore and Folklore). We know Coldplay has TONS of unreleased tracks from past eras to rework. Having a second, third volume allows the band to stretch out this era as long as they want (maybe years) so they can incorporate it into their touring when that's safe and environmentally friendly. The concept of "Spheres" as planets as unique songs can get stretched a long way. Chris has always said that they like to have a concept or a name and move from there. But when they're done with an album, they're done. Is it possible that when Chris said they've finished something recently, that it's actually all three volumes? Or maybe just the two volumes?

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  17. What's so interesting about Coldplay throughout their career is how songs can have a total different feel with production and mixing. Coloratura is a next-level musical engineering experience that feels 10x better put together than Higher Power and the leaked MU. Sometimes music just has such a professional, rich sound to it that just feels classic. The production on this song reminds me quite a bit of Random Access Memories, and given how there's gonna be some dancy songs on the record that might be a good comparison album, given how Coldplay often will give big pop songs, then big rock songs, then big prog songs. 

    Yeah I'm just so blown away. Right now it's gonna be the Arabesque of MOTS most likely -- a standout track that will be a fan favorite forever. But boy I hope they revisit Coloratura in some capacity on the next volumes.

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  18. My profile picture finally has paid off. I don't know y'all this is just too much to take right now. TLDR: My love for this song couldn't be more. I had accepted that Everyday Life might be one of the last moments this band would stay within my music taste, but I never expected this. It's absurdly incredible, it's everything that the band has worked to achieve and in many ways it feels like their singular magnum opus, so far. 

    Longer winding reaction, just like the song:


    I grew up listening to Elton John and Pink Floyd and David Bowie, and when I first heard the VLV album something clicked for me. Coldplay was one of the few modern bands carrying the torch of making pop music with real artistic sensibility. I've been a huge fan for a while now, but as I get older and my music taste expands, I guess I never quite thought Coldplay could recapture my emotion in a raw way. But every once in a while, it happens. It happened with Midnight, then it happened again with Up&Up, then again with Sunrise and Arabesque. 

    Now with Coloratura I feel a huge swell of emotion again, but bigger than I was expecting. The opening piano is singularly the best I've heard from Coldplay maybe ever. It's right up there with Postcards From Far Away and Bani Adam. The strings, the glitchy synths, all of it is overwhelmingly beautiful. And the core song itself is classy AF and feels like a legitimately legendary progressive rock song. Jonny delivers potentially his best solo ever on a technical level, and Guy's bass is extremely impressive throughout the song. Meanwhile Will has complex mix ups in his drumming tempo. The glockenspiel moment is jaw-dropping, and the accompanying strings during the "oh oh oh oh" are just a gut punch. I've always argued with other music lovers "Seriously guys, Coldplay is super talented and can write amazing songs" and now it feels like all of their talent, their production value, their influence, their willingness to let go and explore new sounds has added up to a new height in their career coming off of the fantastic Everyday Life Album. 

    At this point, this has entered the conversation as a top ever Coldplay song for me. I think MOTS may have some songs I don't feel great about. HP is pretty solid, Human Heart is lovely, but not amazing, and MU is really fun but by no means an instant classic. I'm super excited to hear other tracks and hope they deliver just some of the production value and musicality of Coloratura... but at this point this is an instantly amazing moment that deserves all the love and praise that can get thrown at it. Coldplay's back. Better than ever. 


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  19. I'm just bombing this thread rn, but I have a weird theory that I'm curious what folks think. So it appears the track listing includes several "interlude" type tracks similar to MX. Artistically, I like interludes because they help pad songs out and give a transition from big exciting songs to quieter songs (i.e. Us Against the World into MMIX into ETIAW). The length of interludes also helps Coldplay fine-tune album length to get that 42 minute mark.

    HOWEVER -- I couldn't help but notice that it's odd how short some of them are on MOTS when there's also a 10 minute song! My theory is Coldplay had the songs and went to the label and said "we want a 10 minute outro" and the label said "well, that's not good for streaming revenues, my guys," so Coldplay says "okay, maybe we can compromise?" so the label goes -- "okay, you keep the 10 minute song, but we want some short tracks that can be streamed quickly to get a lot of plays."

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  20. 1 hour ago, JustSomeone said:

    Curious about your opinion!

    Essentially, I have a really hard time wrapping my head around the fact that Coldplay genuinely seems to be content about the music they create these days.

    Any mainstream artist could have released 'My Universe' and absolutely no person would have associated it with a Coldplay song, even fans who know what to look for. 

    A song like A Sky Full Of Stars was EDM / Pop, but still contained Coldplay-like elements such as the chord progression of the piano, the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar, etc.









    Putting my response in spoiler. 


    I see what you mean, but tbh I think it feels like a natural progression from AHFOD. Yes, technically there's very little Jonny and this could be a track that was built 100% in a studio w/o Guy or Will. That said, there's an energy to the song and a vibe that feels quintessential Coldplay. It's a bit saccharine, it's heart on sleeve, the lyrics are just extremely universal. But I'd argue that it is a track that feels more honest in many ways than SJLT. Sure, that song has a sweet guitar solo and the classic Coldplay piano sound, but it felt like Coldplay was just transposing their sound on top of a Chainsmokers sound. MU sounds fresh and new to me. Not that it's experimental or anything, but for my taste it feels like Coldplay is having fun and dang it's so well produced and the synths have some cool progressions throughout the song.  Idk, I like pure pop so I almost prefer this to a song that tries to mix pop with rock. 


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  21. Sorry folks who are feeling MU is being spoiled. I'm gonna put my thoughts under spoilers and would ask others reply like that too. 



    Overall I think I like it more than Higher Power. I've often said that I think "newplay" has struggled with balancing pop and alternative sounds, which can lead to good songs with awkward instrumentation & mixing. For example, HFTW is super catchy and lush, but the chorus is a bit muddled and tries mixing in too many instruments. Higher Power is catchy, I like the groove, but it lacks a certain explosive energy that I think MU has and I find the instrumental palate punchier. 

    On MU, the Max Martin production and BTS feature really help the song find its sound. It's not trying to be a dance song by a rock band, it's an electropop pop vocal song with a clear goal of being catchy and dancy and it works! I absolutely love that electro-bass and Will's drumming is classy and perfectly mixed. Again, I think they could have incorporated Jonny a bit more (I think the live track will be amazing!) but it's nice to have a few disco guitar jangles scattered throughout the mix. Chris sounds really good, singing in some lower registers, and BTS has incredibly catchy verses. Is this song as catchy as say, Levitating or Don't Stop Now by Dua Lipa? Heck no, but it's a pretty solid pop song for a band that's been at it for 25 years, and I think it will absolutely hit #1 for a bit. 

    So where HP is like a 7/10 for me, MU might be closer to a 8/10. My favorite part is the outro which just straight up good dance music, and the intro is super weird with the aliens introducing the song. It sets a unique tone. My biggest critique is that the song is a bit repetitive -- the chorus is basically played 4 times in 3 minutes and I think it could have used an extended bridge or some more BTS moments perhaps incorporating a guitar or synth solo for 10 seconds to add some diversity. 


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