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  1. Agree with JC90. Good to see a performance but always incredibly important to keep expectations in check because I've been burned on many of my hopes and dreams since I started speculating in 2010 (god I'm old). 

    That said, I really enjoyed the color palette and visuals of the performance. The person who I assume worked on this also did that solid Paradise "live performance" last month, which was great. If the speculation continues down a route of a "space-themed" album with UFO's and ALIENS, I could see them incorporating some of these colors and visuals styles into the next era. It would maintain a colorful and exciting experience that doesn't retread the MX and AHFOD eras. 

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  2. I think it's safe to say teasing, if not a new single/music, will be coming by end of year, based on the Warner CEO's statements, which is very exciting! But given how nothing has been confirmed by the band we truly have not much to go on still other than the Music of the Spheres billboard (assuming that's still LP9). 

    Also above artist rendition is super Kid A! Assuming music of the spheres is the actual album title, I'll be curious to see if they use the circular black and white graphic... My guess is no just because it's very similar to AHFOD and I expect the album to be a upbeat and colorful. 


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  3. ^Yeah I mean ... I've been leaning into the theory that Music of the Spheres is a mixture of new songs and reworked songs. The Spheres could represent their entire career and form a sort of unique "Greatest Hits" or "Lost Demos" release that includes alternative versions and remasters. It'd be super exciting and a good way to feed fans before LP9 truly hits. 

    The only thing that sways me from that theory is that Chris has mentioned "new songs" and some of the instagram posts we've seen from Rik Simpson have hinted at new music. Plus the evidence from Parlaphone saying they want to follow up with another album. It's not like they knew COVID was going to stop the whole world when they were teasing Music of the Spheres in the EL Booklet, so it's most likely something brand new. 

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  4. Odd... the Zwadlo post is interesting but truly it could be anything and it's bizarre that PH responded, again in vagueness, seemingly trying to temper expectations of new material. It's both exciting and disappointing as it seems PH's tweets are trying to warn us that new music isn't happening.

    But something COOL is happening... so maybe that lends to the theory that music of the spheres is a rework of older material. 

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  5. Something will be teased. There have been too many rumors, teases, and now essentially confirmation from Phil Harvey over twitter that stuff is happening. Plus, ColdplayCorner posts some cryptic moon phase emojis a few weeks back... they did the same in 2019 before everyday life. Looking forward to seeing them perform live, regardless. If they didn't have something to sell soon, I have no clue why they'd say yes to playing this festival... the lineup is pretty b-tier already.



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  6. It would be a dream come true for me. EL seemed to recycle material and ideas from previous eras (the scrapped Wedding Album, Arabesque) so I'd love for the boys to go back and pull some demos from the Viva and MX eras for LP9. 

    You'd think at this stage in their career they have so many ideas on the cutting room floor to work with. Then again, Chris is a songwriting machine and they may never run out of new ideas either. I just have such nostalgia and love for "enoxification"

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  7. I'm feeling pretty iffy on whether they play new music but i hope I'm wrong. As the OP outlines, they don't always perform new music in-between eras, and audiences will be plenty happy seeing them return to their biggest hits for 30 mins, and maybe including Orphans or COTW for recency. 

    At the bare minimum tho, this does signal an "awakening" post EL. It'd make huge headlines if they performed new music, but their presence at one of the few music festivals happening will be enough publicity if they intend on re-emerging with a new era by the end of the year. IMO, they'll likely have hints to the LP9 era on stage -- outfits, symbols, color palette, etc. I remember in 2015 when Chris wore the AHFOD era clothes and they had flowers all over stage and Coldplay written in Hindi, and none of us knew what exactly that meant. 

    Imagine how exciting it would be if Will's drum has mars on it and the graphics are of stars and planets and Chris' guitar has UFO drawings all over it. 

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  8. Well I don't necessarily read Guy's Insta post as Coldplay-related at all. I think he's saying the auto project has taken 8 years since that was the "this project" he references in the previous sentence. If he was referring to LP9, I'd be excited that it took 8 years since that would mean it was started during the MX Tour. 

    Regardless, it's cool that they're recording music and that means something could be coming soon. 

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  9. Agree that the changing of the website and social media away from EL proves we are close to the new era starting soon. Maybe they're wrapping up the recording now and can start rolling out the new era this Fall/Winter? I mean, it seems like they were working on it simultaneously during Everyday Life era... so unless they are completely reworking the album and changing the entire LP9 era, they shouldn't have that much work left to do?

    Recent things that make me think this: We know they're working on it (Guy's recent interview). We know that Rik Simpson is working on music, most likely with Dream Team on Coldplay (Rik's Instagram). Chris spotted in Stockholm with producer...

    The rest of the year will go quick and I'm still loving EL... so patience shouldn't be too hard ūüôā

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  10. Coldplay tends to be pretty "universal" and global when referring to faith and belief, so I don't think there'd be anything overtly Christian in whatever they do. But referring to holy books and mythology is a cool way to tease, if that is truly their intention. 

    And agree that having the Race taken down shows it will be released, backing up Phil's statement. But when is anybody's guess.

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  11. Does anyone remember if Everyday Life was released or teased according to the moons? I remember last year at this time we were speculating heavily about the moons but I don't remember them ever paying off.  For me it's just a cool part of their website that's built in. Some sort of moon-phase widget that doesn't mean anything other than showing the moon phase.

    Hope I'm wrong, but I've seen a lot of speculation on reddit and discord about this too. 

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  12. Not to crap on the excitement of the band recently updating their logos and some of the symbols on the website.... but to bring in my other fandom, My Chemical Romance updated their logo last fall and advertised "The Return" a reunion tour that's been put off by a year, and they still haven't released any new music....

    So while the EL era seems to be officially over, I don't think we have any new evidence of a new era popping up in the coming weeks. Hopefully I'm wrong. But they won't release new music unless they can tour it and given that 2020 is basically erased from the calendar, I wonder if they won't actually be able to tour until 2022, which would push new music back to 2021. 

  13. Mixed feelings about Max Martin...He's produced some really amazing pop songs over the past few decades that feel timeless and cross over mutliple genres -- Taylor Swift, Adele, Ariana Grande, Sam Smith. The Weeknd's great last album was pretty alternative and he worked on that.The guy is clearly very talented and can work within the sound of the artists who hire him. And I'd love to see Coldplay have another top song on the level of Viva La Vida or Paradise or Fix You -- and maybe Max Martin can help hone a modern Coldplay classic for the 2020's. 

    But yeah I don't want LP9 to be completely a pop record. I felt the same about AHFOD when stargate was producing but that ended up having pletny of solid rock-ish songs, so IDK. It's so hard to predict what they'll do. I've tried since MX and never have been very close. Their albums combine so many genres at this point that the best guess is that there will be every genre ...



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  14. The final product will be really interesting... I wonder if they need to rerecord it to get Guy's approval?

    Personally based on the snippets, I can see why this is a B-side and I'm worried it sounds a bit messy. I LOVE the intro with the wobbly synths and that vocal sample but the guitar just feels like U2 and the rhythm section sounds fairly plain and by the numbers. Like a lot of the Ghost Stories era I'm worried the beat will be sterile. (sorry GS stans, I love this album but not the percussion). 

    But it sounds like a really interesting progressive and catchy song at the same time...



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  15. Coldplay Twitter posting article about Everyday Life being a potential contender for the Grammy's album of the year, which would be nominated well over a year the album came out... not sure if it's eligible? 

    I think EL is an amazing album. It covers a ton of genres really well and has an interesting, timely concept to it that mostly comes thru. BUT it got mixed-positive reviews and would be up against some incredible records this year that I think do an even stronger job conveying messages: Run The Jewels 4, Fionna Apple's Fetch The Bolt Cutters, 1975's Notes on a Conditional Form, Nick Cave's Ghosteen, Perfume Genius, Charli XCX. I don't mean to sound anti-Coldplay, but I think the Grammy's has been doing slightly better job awarding and pushing more alternative artists, particularly artists of color and female artists. At some point Coldplay becomes a legacy band that deservedly gets nominations but the optics of dumping even more awards on them when there's so many deserving & new diverse artists? I don't see it happening.



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  16. LOVE the Parachutes Anniversary theory from you Jordanator ūüėȬ†¬†

    Given the most concrete evidence "from the horses mouth," we're getting The Race, maybe UATW 2.0,, maybe UFO 2.0 etc... they could be releasing a compendium of reworks, demos, and a few new b-sides to celebrate  20 years since LP1. Radiohead did this last year with a re-release of OK Computer with new b-sides. This would also feel more appropriate during COVID-19 since it's a look back and wouldn't need to be advertised too much. 

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  17. It'd be fun to go back to every other album speculation stage and pull out some of the theories we've come up with as a community.


    This theory about music theory and Jacob Collier is really interesting but i'd be shocked if it were true. Coldplay's always strayed away from being "snooty" or "academic" about their music so it'd be weird for them to drop an album with an essay explaining the themes and concepts. I do think jacob will be a part of Lp9 tho. He was part of producing Everyday Life and I bet they did some LP9 songs during that time as well



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  18. I lean on the side of doubting it's a direct sequel to MX... but I am intrigued that there's another UFO and Chris said they'd release an updated UATW at some point... The band has never officialy released a re-done track so it would be new territory for them. 

    2021 is going to be the 10 year anniversary of the album, so maybe they do a reissue or something.

    But concerning LP9 or Music of the Spheres, I think that will be its own thing and they could just be recycling some cutting room tracks.

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  19. It's all good, should have included links but got wrapped up in work. 

    Coldplay posted this photo to advertise Chris' last together at home show a few weeks back. If you look closely, you'll see the guitar has a song label "Rescue St." 

    This week, I Ran Away has been doing amazing investigating into this and has a great Twitter page you can check out and follow for more info. 

    Basically, I Ran Away found evidence in this interview and in images that Rescue St. is a song. 



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