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  1. They say on the source code a new song I think it’s gonna be neither orphan or Daddy or Everyday Life plus Trouble in Town so basically we now know three titles of the songs on the new album. I guess this track list for something they gonna appear on TV or radio and Trouble in Town maybe our first Single off the album


    I certainly read it like this as well that there will be a 30 second clip of a song titled 'Trouble in town' plus an acoustic performance of one of three songs (Orphan, Daddy or Everyday Life.) but as others have said, there is no need to include this text so its clearly a hint :)


    Also noticed on the image file, it is called "OG_image". Wonder if OG is a reference to an name perhaps or just open graph/original but seems unnecessary to name the image file it as well.

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  2. Besides the quality of the song, the marketing strategy here is also terrible.


    So, Coldplay is releasing an incredible package in 10 days... So, let's create a new band that is completely different from Coldplay, create some hype around this and then release some terrible songs to make people talk about this and forget the Butterfly Package.

    It seems like Parlophone's priorities are not right...


    2 weeks ago I was the happiest man on earth with the AHFOD film and now I'm like "wtf coldplay?", so thanks for that guys (or should I say Chris?)


    The timing is to do with the Global Citizen Festival Sunday I would guess but I agree its very strange to create hype/mystery around the new "band" from Parlaphone etc with the film DVD package still not out. You can only assume they are trying their best to differentiate this from being an official Coldplay/Chris Martin EP as it would have been perceived otherwise.

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  3. so that Unsold Ideas thing really had nothing to do with it lmao, nice find anyway @ whoever discovered that


    Maybe we just interpreted it wrong and its for ideas that the entire band aren't sold on but individuals still want to release :joy:

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  4. Chris said he would never go solo- so my guess is Los Unidades is some sort of compromise where the songs are fully up to Chris, but Will, Guy and Jonny have a far diminished role, but still play some part.


    Coldplay- still Coldplay with full band approval and participation.


    Los Unidades- Chris releasing his pop dreams with the attempt to not associate with the Coldplay brand.


    This seems like the likely explanation to me. Gives Chris the creative freedom without a load of headlines about him "going solo" to do some different work with other artists and allows for the boys to drop in on a song if they want too without it having to be a "new Coldplay song"


    I had got my hopes up for the B-Sides album though :weary_face:

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  5. Seems very strange the whole new band name still, if this was just Chris and other artists for charity (as it appears to be) why would they go about putting it under a new band name under all of their names and refer to the new "band" in the post?

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  6. I knew something was strange this morning when going in to work Greg James mentioned on Radio 1 about a new Parlophone signing and to watch this space...


    Its been pointed out on twitter too that the bottom right there is an anagram "Y02LPAC81ODL" in the Coldplay font "Coldplay2018" :dizzy:

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