[RECAP] A Head Full of Dreams Launch Weekend

So Coldplay have released their seventh album, A Head Full of Dreams and of course many interviews and concerts have followed it. Heres a recap of what happened on this eventful weekend!

3rd December

  • Will’s interview on BBCR1 Breakfast show: The wonderful Will Champion was interviewed by Nick Grimshaw to talk about their collaboration with Beyonce. Champion also spoke about his nervousness and excitement for their live lounge and show in Hackney.
  • BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge: Coldplay performed a semi-acoustic version of Adventure of a Lifetime and also Christmas Lights. This was a warm up for their gig later that day.
  • Annie Mac BBC R1 Hackney Gig: The band played a very special gig at a Church in  Hackney, London. Hymn for the Weekend made its live debut while older songs like Charlie Brown and Magic were played. After the broadcast ended, we watched on periscope, the band sing Happy Birthday to their manager Dave Holmes, a performance of Christmas Lights and a snippet of Bill Crosby’s White Christmas. Our admin Sparky was there and gave us a quick review after

    Chris made the whole crowd crouch to the floor during Charlie Brown!! I’ve never seen anything like it, it was crazy.

You can read the full review on our forums

  • iHeart Radio Album Release Concert: To top it all off, a pre-recorded gig was streamed live on Yahoo. Everglow made its live debut, while songs like Yellow and Amazing Day were also performed.


4th December

  • A Head Full of Dreams is released: While the album has received mixed reviews from critics and fans, that hasn’t stopped the band from doing multiple interviews.
  • Chris Martin interview on Chris Evans show BBC R2: Chris was interviewed by Chris Evans and also backed Kylie Minogue’s Santa Baby on the tambourine! 
  • Coldplay Interview on RTL 102.5: Italian radio station RTL 102.5 interviewed the band. j0r on our forums translated the dubbed interview, here are some key moments from the show.

    The fact of working with Beyoncé is a unique opportunity in the world. Our desire was to collaborate with the most beautiful voice of the earth. This is why we thought of her for Hymn For The Weekend and the result is extraordinary.This record is a bit ‘an invitation to be happy. For example Kaleidoscope inspired by the poem The Guest House Rumi, a poet important for us, that talking about this so like all ancient Persian poems invite you to look within ourselves what we need. Which is a bit ‘the same philosophy of the Wizard of Oz.

You can read the interview on our forums

  • Facebook interview with Greg James: Coldplay partnered with Facebook to provide their fans with a stream to their Q&A with Greg James. Over 8000 people applied to be in the audience for this interview and only 10 were selected! The half hour interview mostly consisted of Chris answering questions but he directed some questions towards Guy, Will and Jonny.
  • Coldplay on The Ellen DeGeneres Show: The band performed Adventure of a Lifetime and Everglow also did an interview with Ellen. While only Chris and Jonny were interviewed, the rest of the band were there to perform the two songs excellently. Ellen also gave Chris a “Hairy Styles” barbers jacket which he wore when performing Everglow!

5th December

Chris Martin on the Jonathan Ross show

Chris Martin on the Jonathan Ross show

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