[Round-up] Chris Martin Hypnotised To Escape Pressure Of Songwriting?

Forget Clocks, Chris Martin gazed into a stopwatch to help him unwind and come up with ideas. The Coldplay legend went into a trance in a bid to make the latest album Prospekt even more successful than the last offering X&Y.

Frontman Chris, who has previously admitted he feels under pressure to produce hit records, sought the help of a hypnotist to ensure new LP ‘Prospekt’ lives up to success of their last one ‘X&Y’. He said: “We feel like we have so much to prove and so many ideas that we’d like to try – sometimes you need a hypnotist to give you the bravery to do it. It was fun and interesting and we wrote some nice things as a result of it.”

Chris – who has a three-year-old daughter Apple and 20-month-old son Moses with his actress wife Gwyneth Paltrow – also revealed the band are trying not to worry about what music critics and fans will think of the album.

He added to Q magazine: “We’ve been locking ourselves away and stopping worrying about what anyone might say. It’s been about just trying anything without worrying. It’s been about just trying anything without worrying. It was fun and we wrote some nice stuff as a result.”

As previously reported, the band’s fourth album has been produced alongside Brian Eno and has been described by Martin as a “very dense record.”

Scans of Coldplay’s article in February’s edition of Q magazine are up. You can enjoy them in full size here. Read the full transcript here