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The Oracle – Chris’ guitar markings, Lost+ music video & who is Charlie Brown?

The wise Coldplay Oracle answers fan questions from across the world, via the official Coldplay website. We will bring you up to date on the latest highlights of the popular Q&A. For this update, we take a look at ‘throwback’ questions.

Coldplay Oracle

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Chris’ guitar markings

#TBOQ – Throwback Oracle Question
3 June, 2014:
Dear Oracle, I was completely moved by the recent TV special for Ghost Stories. The hour left me quite speechless and deeply moved. Anyway, I was wondering if the 3 markings on Chris’s guitar (looked like from a sharpee marker) had any significance. They were cool and was just wondering. The album is brilliant and as a fan from the get-go , I am so happy they are making music that pleases them and not just for the critics or to just make $ etc. Thanks for reading my question!
Linda, USA.

I had the same reaction, Linda. The guitar symbols are significant in that they link to the album themes: a heart, a ghost and an O.

Lost+ music video

#TBOQ – Throwback Oracle Q
8 June 2009:
I realize that in the Lost+ music video there is a double video shot. Is that true and I would like to know where is the place was? I realize at the beginning of the video I see Chris wear a white shirt whereas Guy wear a red shirt with a black vest. After Chris put down the guitar, the video switch into the two of them wear another shirt like coat they always wear it also appear Will and Jonny.
Oh… another one, I see the first video like an old view and the stage exactly almost the same!
Kara, Malaysia.

The videos were directed by Mat Whitecross and filmed at United Center in Chicago on 22nd/23rd July 2008.
It’s quite usual for live videos to be a hybrid of 2 shows where possible. It means that the director can give it a different feel just by using shots from both nights. The Live DVD 2003 was filmed over 2 nights also.
With the Lost videos Chris starts the song without his jacket and takes it off as he starts singing but the differences are very subtle. Obviously the main difference is the onstage television set, used to good effect to incorporate Jay Z’s rap.

Who is Charlie Brown?

#TBOQ – Throwback Oracle Q
8 June 2011:
At the Rock Am Ring festival Coldplay performed a new song called Charlie Brown. My question is: who is he, and why has Coldplay dedicated this song to him?
Robin, Netherlands.

It\s definitely not dedicated to a real person. The only Charlie Brown I know of is the comic strip creation by Charles M. Schulz. Given the lyric that led most fans to think the song was called Cartoon Heart, I’d say it’s named after him.

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