Coldplay Atlas

The rejected artwork from Coldplay’s song – ‘Atlas’

The rejected artwork from Coldplay's song - 'Atlas'

The rejected artwork for Coldplay’s 2013 single, from the Hunger Games : Catching Fire soundtrack, Atlas has surfaced online. It’s believed to be from before the band hired Czech born artist, Mila Fürstová for their sixth album, Ghost Stories.

The revelation is in the form of an artwork video hosted by, designed by Mario Hugo and Sam Mason as a process sketch for the band:

Click here for the un-seen reject Atlas artwork video

Mario Hugo’s design (co-produced with Micah Lidberg) for the lyrical animation video for Atlas was approved however. You can watch it in glorious HD below:

Coldplay – Atlas from Hugo & Marie on Vimeo.

Here are some quality pics from the lyrical video of Coldplay’s top 20 UK hit:

Coldplay atlas

Coldplay atlas

Coldplay atlas



Atlas video

View more pics here

Special thanks to Christa from our team for finding these!