Coldplay - Chris and Guy 2015

There could be a ‘follow-up’ to ‘Miracles’

According to photos from The Daily Mail, Coldplay seem to be initiating a recording session, for Angelia Jolie, as the now turned director and her celebrity husband, Brad Pitt were spotted following Chris Martin and Guy Berryman into Air studios in London. Angelina has a new film, titled ‘By The Sea’ due out in November.

Coldplay’s latest single release was ‘Miracles’ at the end of 2014, taken from the ‘Unbroken’ film soundtrack, directed by Angelina Jolie. Based on the studio activity, we could be hearing a follow up to the popular track among Coldplayers, soon!

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Pics of Guy & Chris outside of Air studios (and Angelina Jolie):

Coldplay guy chris

Coldplay studios

Chris and guy

Chris and guy

Coldplay pics


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