'True Love' poll opinions

‘True Love’ video – Coldplayer Reactions

Coldplay’s ‘True Love’ video – Coldplayer Reactions.

The official video for Coldplay’s 3rd single from ‘Ghost Stories’ was unveiled a few days ago. The wacky video, featuring Chris Martin in a sumo suit, with his dream of becoming a dancer at the big ballet received a generally positive response. Praise was given for the fun and humourous nature and the moral of the story, while there was criticism given for the visuals not matching to the feel of the song itself.

'True Love' video

Let’s start off with the stat attack of the poll results so far! When compared to the previous two music videos you voted on (there wasn’t a poll for ‘Midnight’), ‘Magic’ and ‘A Sky Full of Stars’, Coldplay’s latest visual effort scored pretty much the same as the ‘Magic’ video with 82 of the 144 votes 8/10 or above for ‘True Love’ and 184 of the 322 votes 8/10 or above for ‘Magic’. ‘Magic’ received more 0 votes, while True Love’s score on the lower end of the scale was spread out across 1,2,3 etc.. ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ appears to be the most popular music video for the Ghost Stories era with a massive 80/110 votes 8/10 or above.

The new Coldplay single’s video prompted a mixed response with 29/77 8+ rating votes on the forums, with a real mixture of votes below. Here are some thought’s from Coldplayers on the messageboards and on the social channels…

Grids wrote…

I do understand everybody has got different thoughts and opinions, but personally I’m okay with the video. I dont see anything bad or good with it. It’s just okay and I think I get the message from what Chris wants to deliver, he expresses his feelings in a comedic way and more entertaining I guess. Strawberry Swing video entertains me, I love it. True Love…hmm, the very first time when I listened to this song I’d say it was my least favorite. But after listening to it for hundreds of times, I realized that Chris has gotten really deep feelings of himself brokenhearted, so behind the scene of this True Love song is really meant to be about someone is heartbroken because his “True Love” has gone away and probably would not come back, which is very sad. I think I’d appreciate Chris at this time regarding what he wants to express in GS album especially this song.

By Safy :

Now that I have overcome my initial shock. Here are some thoughts about the video:

– It has nothing to do with the song, but maybe this was intentional. When I first read the song lyrics, I had tears in my eyes thinking they were such painful & heartbreaking lyrics :teardrop: This video gives the opposite feeling of the song. Perhaps because Chris has already left that dark place & moved to a brighter one. He would want to associate the song with something colorful & funny instead of some painful memories.

– A video for his kids to enjoy as some of you have mentioned. It could be a possibility because he doesn’t want them to feel bad because of their parents breaking up so he makes it up for them by making them feel special & cared after, featuring them on the record, filming a music video to their taste.

– If the previous point is correct, then we will be stuck to such kind of childish videos till his kids grow older (late teens), provided that he doesn’t have any more kids & we get to listen to nursery songs

– The video is reminiscent of the Magic video. Same idea, same ending & even same Chris’ character; a neglected talented janitor/ a neglected talented magician assistant. Add to this a beautiful actress ( Jessica Lucas is so pretty)who falls in love with him & a happy ending & you get 2 copies of the same video. Even one picture from Magic was used on True love!

– The janitor’s name is Hugo, the (anything is possible) message. The prism with the 7 rays of light..All could be hints for the new era. This makes me excited, though I can’t decipher the codes for this. Remember the ghost doodle at the Atlas lyrics. There might be hidden hints also that we didn’t pay notice to.

From Greengoose :

Video was sweet IMHO…just trying to tell you if you love something so much, irregardless if others say no…just follow your heart and your dreams. I had a feeling with the theme of things of late, it was going to be summat along these lines. BUT….I cant be the only one thinking that was the first time in like 10 years Chris has ever seen a black bin bag or taken the rubbish out to the tip lolol

Linda Sturges on Facebook :

“It’s a fantastic video. Funny with a brilliant message behind it.
I love their videos especially Life in Technicolour”

Thanks for your opinions so far and keep them coming in!