Updated: No more ‘glowing in the dark’: is this the end of the Xylobands?

Confusion reigns today as Coldplayers try to work out whether we will see Xylobands appearing at future Coldplay shows. If you haven’t read the latest, let’s recap:

On December 8th, Jason Regler tweeted: “looking like the Xyloband and Coldplay Journey is over!!! time move on” indicating that the Xylobands creator would be no longer involved. But he stopped short of saying whether Coldplay would continue with Xylobands during live shows.

Then he tweeted: “My bad mistake rush Blood XYLOBANDS are Coldplay and so wont be going anywhere a mistake emotions can run too high” which appeared to suggest that Xylobands would continue on the next tour. Both tweets were later deleted, along with Jason Regler’s Twitter account.

On December 9th, Coldplay’s Oracle was asked:

“Do Coldplay use xylobands only in MX tour or they will use them in next shows as the part of every Coldplay show?”

to which came the following reply:

“There’s a clue in their name – Xylobands. They were brought in for the Mylo Xyloto tour as the perfect compliment. The MX tour was very vibrant, full of colour and reflected the look of the album which as you probably know was heavily influenced by graffiti and its fluorescent / dayglo feel. I always assumed they would be retired once the tour was over as then the band would be moving into a new phase.”

This Oracle answer was also later deleted. It appeared we were none the wiser.

Then, on 10th December via the Keep Xylobands For Coldplay Facebook page, Jason Regler appeared again and shouted: “XYLOBANDS ARE GOOD AND STAYING WITH COLDPLAY _ WILL BE BETTER AND LOTS NEW TRICKS COMING _ SPREAD THE WORD ITS ALL OK.”

Here’s the screenshot:

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It looks a little fishy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was indeed the case. Because why would the Oracle answer be deleted? It’s almost like someone higher up the chain told both the Oracle and Jason to delete any record of the Xylobands being retired, because something might be in the works for the future, and Jason being the emotional type just flat out deleted his twitter because he didn’t know what to do. It’s not like the band has control over his personal Twitter account. Unless they have some kind of ownership in his Xylobands company or something? I’m really not sure what the deal is here. Why wouldn’t Jason just delete the tweets if the band didn’t like what he posted? I had a feeling this would be the end of the xylobands. Bittersweet for sure, but I think they’ll do something else to blow our minds on the LP6 tour, as always. [thanks Heavensbee]

The [Xylo]bands were part of the MX production, I’m not really sure why so many assumed they’d be around in perpetuity when the production elements have always changed when the band mounts a new tour. To me the band probably became a bit too gimmick based for their own good over the last couple tours. They’re an excellent live band, they don’t need all the tricks if they just play hard every night (which for the most part they do). As I understand it, the band do (did?) have a partial stake in Regler’s company. As you say though that the band has no authority to delete his twitter account, though a few of his latest post are verging on the sort of thing that can get you a cease and desist order if you are dealing with someone who wants to play hardball. I would guess he deleted it himself for reasons unknown. [thanks fakfak]

Yeah he first sent a couple of tweets, it felt nostalgic but, you know, alright. And then it got weird. The response from fans on Twitter almost got aggressive towards Coldplay. What I loved the most about xylobands was how the band achieved to get the entire audience really involved in the show, which made traditional visual tricks quite frankly boring. I hope they’ll find a way to keep that level of interactivity with the audience for next tour. If they don’t, then they’re going to have to step up their game live. Not that Coldplay concerts weren’t amazing already without the bands, but now everyone, consciously or not, has even bigger expectations. They were a great live band, but with MX they’ve become an innovative and inspiring live band. If they don’t find something new, they have to be mindblowing, better than the previous tours, on their own. [thanks Coeurli]

My favorite coldplay show was still the one I saw in Toronto in September of 2002. No special effects, no wrstbands , no nothing. Just 4 amazing musicians playing together. If the wrist bands are gone I will miss them too, but fans will be able to go back to the way things used to be where they realize it now or not.:-) [thanks TraceOddity]

In the event of #RIPxylobands, let’s enjoy the memories: