‘We Are Here’, Apparatjik’s debut LP sees worldwide release on June 15th

Despite its all-star composition of Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman, Mew frontman Jonas Bjerre, and a-ha guitarist/keyboardist Magne Furuholmen, the super group Apparatjik has remained relatively low-key since forming in 2008. It took them two years to drop a single and even longer to make a live debut. Now, with little to no fanfare, the band has dropped details for the worldwide release of its full-length debut, reports Consequence of Sound today.

Produced by Martin Terefe, the 11-track We Are Here is scheduled to arrive on June 15th via Metamerge Un Ltd. The complete tracklisting can be found below. Beyond that, there are no other details in the way of upcoming tour dates other than the «Go With the Flø» art, music and fashion meet in the tiny parish of Flø surrounded by the breathtaking landscape of Northwestern Norway on 5th & 6th June, or if the band ever plans to make it outside of Berlin with a full tour, though it has anticipated the album release by offering a free digital EP. Head here to download it.


01 Deadbeat
02 Datascroller
03 Snow Crystals
04 Supersonic Sound
05 Arrow and Bow
06 In a Quiet Corner
07 Josie
08 Antlers
09 Electric Eye
10 Look Kids
11 Quiz Show

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Apparatjik’s first live performance at the WMF Club in Berlin (1st February 2010):