Weezer Cover Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” in New York City

Rivers Cuomo made Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” ‘significantly nerdier’ when Weezer covered it in New York City on Wednesday (Oct. 28) night, that is according to ChartAttack anyway. Here’s what they had to say about the Coldplay cover performance:

According to Stereogum, Cuomo, clad in a geeky track suit, performed the Grammy Award-winning tune before the rest of Weezer joined him on stage for the show at the P.C. Richard & Song Theatre. Cuomo clearly isn’t that familiar with the song, since he had a music stand with the lyrics to “Viva La Vida” set up in front of him, but he made sure to do a lot of hand-waving a la Chris Martin…

We aren’t sure what Martin would think of Cuomo slapping his own butt to the beat, though. We’re also not sure what’s with the Tai Chi movements before the bridge of “waaaa-ooohhhhh ohhh ohhh”s at the end of the song, but anyway, it’s still hilarious.

And this wasn’t just a simple acoustic cover… no, Cuomo brought along full classical accompaniment, further adding to the epicness of the performance. Violins and cellos were played, bells were rung, and Cuomo had the crowd “Woah”-ing with the best of them.

You can watch the video and add your comments at the Coldplay forum here onwards. Weezer’s seventh studio album, Raditude, is out Tuesday (Nov. 3).

Photos of Coldplay at LCCC, Old Trafford, Manchester (12 September 2009):

Pictures by Jayzo (formerly Jizo, AKA Chris Allen)