Will Champion: Coldplay banned children’s choirs, sleigh bells and reindeer from Christmas Lights

Coldplay banned children’s choirs from their Christmas record, amongst other things, Will Champion has confirmed. The band have released single ‘Christmas Lights’ and made a list of the predictable festive pop sounds they didn’t want on the track. You can download the audio of this interview and the subsequent Radio 1Xtra interview with Greg James at the multimedia forum now [thanks KingChris & SueDeNimes]

In an interview with BBC Radio 1, which you can download drummer Will said: “Funnily enough when we were writing this song we thought about all the things that take a song from being a great Christmas song to being a huge Christmas song, and we had a long list of things that we would absolutely not put in our Christmas track.”

Chris Martin interjected to add: “You threw all my lyrics out didn’t you?”

Will continued, saying: “About the reindeer and stuff? It’s been done before. A children’s choir, that’s a no-go, and sleigh bells. There is a fine line between good and cheese.”

Although Chris is pleased with the group’s foray into festive music, the singer insists he isn’t going to worry about what the reaction is to ‘Christmas Lights’ – which has already charted in over 10 countries. He said: “I’m not going to get all paranoid about it. It’s Christmas! Start worrying in January.”

Photos of Coldplay during the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge performance (17th December 2010):