[X10Y] Coldplay are back, doing what they do best

Coldplay will 2005

10 years of X&Y (Hashtag: #X10Y)

Warning sign – you are about to be transported back to April 2005, where Coldplay had just performed a series of secret shows, in Spain, Germany and The Netherlands. Coldplay’s second appearence at Glastonbury had also been confirmed. The band were back and doing what they do best. Four talented guys in one arena, performing their songs, in front of ecstatic fans!

Since they released the details of their third album, titled ‘X&Y’ over a month ago, Coldplay have been gearing up for the public eye. Before the publicity explodes, the British foursome have been delighting fans across the world with spur of the moment gigs! Amsterdam, Cologne and Madrid were venues to a few low key but majestic displays from the band. Unfortunately, we don’t have much info, being a secret show and all but we were treated to many glorious snaps, mostly from the Cologne show. Here is the setlist Coldplay performed at all three secret shows:

[X10Y] Coldplay are back, doing what they do best

Owen on the Coldplaying forums described their first secret show, in The Netherlands and gave us a further glimpse of the new Coldplay tracks:

X&Y features Chris on piano. Very melodic. Beautiful piano outro.
Features the lyrics: “You and me surfing on tidal waves, you and me floating in outer space” (… or something like that). Low is the loudest guitar track since Yellow. Guaranteed favourite for the new album, and possible single if you ask me. Til Kingdom Comes is lovely Chris/Jonny track. Is fully acoustic, much like ‘Green Eyes’. Lovely evening. Magical. P.s. They completely fucked up ‘Amsterdam’

Here are the links to each show’s gallery:

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cologne, Germany

Madrid, Spain

Preview of the galleries:

Chris Martin

Coldplay Jonny 2005

Coldplay Jonny

Coldplay Chris

Coldplay chris 2005

There is a bonus on the way too! We have over 400+ photos of Coldplay’s appearance at KCRW FM in California, back in March. Stay tuned!