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    Coldplay have "a great hunger" to tour again

    Coldplay have "a great hunger" to tour again

    The lack of a major tour has proved to be a very healthy choice for the band, according to Coldplay's frontman, Chris Martin. The band have "a great hunger" to return to the road and start the next major tour!


    Chris had been speaking to Rolling Stone on the back of the announcement of his ambassadorship with anti-poverty group, Global Citizen:Coldplay tour

    "It was very healthy for us as a group of friends to not spend two years touring every time. There’s now a great hunger in the band to go out on the road"

    The band are also work with "some really amazing people". The British singer didn't specify who but we've had hints of Rihanna's involvement recently. We also reported on 'A Rush Of Songs To The Head' for Chris Martin, who likes to receive potential Coldplay classics in the middle of the night!



    "We’re in the studio a lot, and a lot of things are coming through. It’s a lovely time to be in the band."



    Chris speech


    We now have more details for you on Chris' speech at the Global Citizen conference last week (pictured above), where he smiled, laughed, charmed and expressed his vision for the next 15 years. Starting off with a witty opening:


    Coldplay chris martin


    "I’m Chris, I’m from the band Coldplay, some of you probably haveslagged us off in your magazines. I always felt that, as a musician, we show up for one day for a cause and we really believe in what we’re talking about, but then the next day we have our own concerns. I want to try to have a more long-term relationship between artists and people who are really trying to affect change in the world."


    Part of the giving frontman's reason to join Global Citizen as a curator was a result of it's view to unite all non profit organisations all over the world: "We’re all on the same planet. There really are no borders. It’s exactly like what John Lennon said."


    When Chris was asked whether it will be seen as a 'Bono move', he replied with: "Everything I do is a Bono move. I’m not going to start wearing shades though!". U2's singer, Bono recently revealed his troubles with Glaucoma as the main reason for wearing shades all of the time, while Chris previously revealed that he's affected by Tinnitus.

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