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    • Hard one… Arabesque vs Yellow
    • They can’t just “abandon the era” when they’re still working on it. A lot of recording and tour rehearsing has been happening last year as well as so far this year so they’re just busy with that I think. MOTS Vol ii is well on the way I think! 
    • It's been oddly quiet. Perhaps that's just part of releasing a record later in the year before the Holidays when the band is spending time with families and when the media cycle slows down. Maybe it's just the new norm when you're a legacy band -- there's lots of exciting artists to be talking about instead of Coldplay afterall.  But yeah... for an album featuring BTS and Selena Gomez, it seems like it didn't gain a lot of steam? Obviously I'm biased because it's my least favorite Coldplay record and also, if we are to trust metacritic's results, their least critically acclaimed record. The heights of this era really seem to have come from Coloratura, which took the media and critical world by storm, and of course, My Universe given how massive it is.  The question moving forward is whether they will continue with a pre-determined 3 volume plan or if they are shifting their tactics based on the responses to this album. I'm more inclined to believe they have 2 albums ready to drop and more singles to come in 2022 with more features and Max Martin will continue helping producing.
    • ¿Alguien tiene las grabaciones de este programa? si lo tienes te lo agradeceria mucho!
    • Thanks @Dany93! I won't need it right now. With covid I'm not sure what's happening in July. If I get a plane ticket locked in closer to the date I'll message you. I appreciated the help.
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