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    • I assume mixcraft should work. If you get the VST or actual rack you can use the settings I have posted and it sounds perfectly recreated. But to use them you have to make lesson on Another’s Arms on your channel 😂
    • Yo you could have at least referenced my original twitter post. but ill forgive you. There is more to it. Yes Oxfam is one of the partnering charities. But also Dave Holmes statement (after Chris told the media they wouldn't tour until it was environmentally beneficial) is also insightful:   - As Chris has said, we have become increasingly mindful of our touring’s impact on the planet. We started making significant plans to improve this scenario while we were still on the road in 2017. For the last couple of years, we’ve been meeting with environmental organizations and charities with the ultimate goal of making our touring footprint carbon neutral. These plans factor in the footprint generated by our fans’ travel requirements—which we hope to reduce through subsidized public transport and ride-sharing schemes. We also plan to invest in environmental projects that go well beyond carbon offsetting. - Pitchfork, 2019.  FFTF seems to be all about preserving heritage sites and making sure they are fit for the future. Note Coldplay played their show in heritage sites in Jordan and in London & arguably a heritage site with their show in LA.    
    • somebody contact them and do some digging🤭
    • Nice find! This could well be possible. Which is also interesting is that one of the members of this network is Oxfam.
    • Makes perfect sense in terms of trying to be more and more environment-conscious especially on tour while also supporting a worthwhile cause.  
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