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    • Dear Chris, I was hesitating whether to write this, but I have come to the conclusion that I should. As you keep saying, we are one big band. I am a big fan of yours, one of my dreams has always been to meet you in person. However, after the concert in Warsaw, the best concert of my life, I do admit without hesitance, I realised that Clocks and Hymn For the Weekend were fully lip-synced. On the 17th August I attended your show at Wembley. In order to get to the concert I spent four hours in the heavy rain, soaked to the skin, literally flooded. I had never experienced something like that in my life. After The Scientist you promised that Coldplay would give the best concert you ever gave on a Wednesday. But how could it be, when two more songs were lip-synced (Viva La Vida and, unfortunately, one of my favourites - In My Place)? I still think that the show at Wembley was amazing, I still bought a t-shirt and a poster which I will proudly frame and hang in my living room. But it was not the best concert you gave on a Wednesday. It was not because you did not make the effort to make it the best. I am not a "purist", I do not mind pre-recorded backing vocals, even pre-recorded choruses - I do understand that sometimes it is necessary. But for God's sake, four (at least four) songs fully lip-synced during one concert? Using your hands to communicate with the crowd instead of shouting to the crowd "your turn!" just because your mic is off? Don't you think it is a bit unfair? Your fans want to hear you live, not pre-recorded. Yes, many people do not notice, but this should not be the justification. Even being out of tune from time to time would be better, because it is honest. Your voice may be fragile - fair enough, "we're only human". But then, if the number of songs exceeds your human capabilities, why not to reduce it? Reportedly you will be continuing the tour in 2023. I really do not know, whether I should try to get to one of them, for the simple reason that I do not want to be disenchanted.   I am not a hater. I am a big fan of yours. Adam
    • Hi, We have 2 seated tickets (section 110) on the 21st of August. We have decided standing may be easier for us. Would anyone be able to help, please? Best, 2 excited fans
    • Jaaa, goed nieuws! Alleen jammer dat ze inderdaad weer in die galmbak staan. Maar in elk geval weer terug op Nederlandse bodem!
    • Uau em Maio??? Outra vez? Eheh Boa, obrigada pela partilha! Já é mais um bocadinho de informação. Só falta o dia! Vai ser uma óptima prenda de aniversário. 😁  
    • Here's A View From The Top.
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