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    Coldplay Practice New Song At Global Citizen Soundcheck!

    If you've been hanging around the community over the past few hours, you would of noticed the explosion of posts. No, the first single isn't released (yet!) but we have, perhaps the third best thing (second being an actual live performance). A soundcheck performance of a new song!


    The track in question is rumoured to be called 'Amazing Day'. This is based on the assumption that the main lyric, 'Amazing Day' within the chorus will be the title of the new tune.


    We may hear the new song at tomorrow's Global Citizen Festival, in New York. According to fans at the soundcheck, Coldplay's frontman is sitting on the fence as to whether the new song will debut, or not.




    The best audio available is a 44 second extended edit, which you can listen to here (Thanks Batman)




    Video Clip 1

    Video Clip 2

    Video Clip 3

    Video Clip 4

    Video Clip 5

    (Thanks to all our friends for the clips!)


    Best clip so far:



    (Huge thanks mikaeeljan)




    Deciphered so far:


    "In your eyes, I drifted away. In your arms, I just wanna sway...."


    Coldplayer Reactions


    Here are some of the reactions to the new clips, so far:


    Kidd Is Alive rates the track but hopes for an energetic first single:


    "Feels like a mix from the GS style and a MX-ballad-kind of song. I like it, I just hope this is the first single tough. I want something explosive"


    diogo_sg rates Jonny's role on the track but not the assumed title.


    "I hope the song isn't called Amazing Day. Please. Don't.


    Jonny's guitar is perfect on this last snippet though."


    Meanwhile, Witfang is holding back his judgement:


    "I think the melody of the "new" song is relaxing. It's hard to judge the tune without hearing the whole thing so I'm saving my review until I hear it in full."


    Tell us what you think!

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