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    Coldplay Release New Music Video for Birds (+Easter Egg)

    Coldplay have released their music video for the second track on their new album A Head Full of Dreams. Directed by Marcus Haney, the music video features the band's trip to salvation mountain.


    [caption id=attachment_51487" align="alignleft" width="242]salvation-mountain-profile1 Salvation Mountain, the location for the music video[/caption]


    The video is shot in a 4:3 aspect ratio, similar to old VHS videos. Shaky footage, an almost 'retro' like filter and overlapping frames make the music video original unlike modern pop videos. Some parts of the video make it seem like it was shot through a kaleidoscope! Its difficult to see whats actually going on in the video and will need proper analysis to find out the true story Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 20.14.33


    Our forum users have been spending the past few hours speculating and discussing the new video! Here is a few snippets:


    This video is really good,simple and fitting.Hopefully it allows casual listeners who maybe just listen to AOAL and HFTW in AHFOD and skip birds know how good of a song birds actually is [jer123]


    Great video! I think it's one of their best videos because of the simplicity and creativeness behind it. It has part of the idea of the kaleidoscope which is good. And the whole band is part of it! [alisbe]


    This is soooo amazing. I NEVER expected Birds to be a single! Who would've thought? I was convinced it would be HftW. This is the band I came to know and love. AoAL, Everglow and now Birds. Even though the album isn't my favorite, they've made a lot of the best songs their single choices. Couldn't say that the previous two eras. [HowCouldIForget]


    Maybe. The whole video looks like a dream, so I wouldn't expect an actual story to be told through it. Still, your interpretation is reasonable and I do agree with it. Who is she, though? I thought she was Chris's girlfriend Annabelle, but I'm having some doubts about it. [diogo_sg]


    + The whole band are present

    + No weird/cringy ideas (monkey suit, old folks dancing, sumo suit)


    - The visual affect they were going for made it hard to see what was going on [JC90]


    The video is just like the song... not good. Trippy in a bad way. Coldplay... you're not indie. Stop trying to be. You're better than this. [heelsrule1988]


    This is much better than the AOAL one. Not the greatest video ever but it fits with the song. The indie pop vibe of this song is the most interesting thing of this era. [beastwars]


    Discuss and share your opinion on the new music video on our forums!

    Easter Egg

    Coldplay released an article on their site announcing the release of the music video.


    "Happy new year, everyone. Here’s the video for Birds, filmed on our trip to salvation mountain with marcus haney. Have a fantastic 2016, love c, g, j, w + p"


    A photo was also posted with an interesting URL! (see under pic)



    If you right click on the photo and open it in a new tab, the URL for the image is: http://coldplay.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/dopeopleoncoldplayingstilllookatimagetitles.jpg


    Our reply was "Yes @Coldplay, we still look at image titles!" ;)


    Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 20.09.23

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