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    Coldplay Wanted To "Let Go Of The Concept Of Being A Rock Band" - Sirius XM Interview

    Coldplay wanted to "Let Go Of The Concept Of Being A Rock Band" while recording 'A Head Full Of Dreams

    The band wanted the freedom to embrace their influences and work with anyone they love, regardless of their genre

    New, fun teaser video on the way in "a couple of weeks"

    For 'Adventure Of A Lifetime', Chris asked Jonny to make a riff better than "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns And Roses


    Sirius XM Interview - Friday 6th November 2015


    Chris Martin visited the Sirius XM studios in New York last year and promised he'd stay in touch with them, once 'A Head Full Of Dreams' was finished and honouring that promise, the radio station called the Coldplay frontman, who was more than delighted to answer their questions.


    Huge credit must be given to Sirius XM, who asked some intriguing questions during the 9 minute long interview. One of them was on the avenues the band were exploring in 2015, compared to the 2005 Coldplay. Chris Martin said they were expressing two new freedoms. One was:


    "The freedom to embrace our influences. We wanted to embrace our influences and let go of the concept of being a rock band"




    "the 2nd one was the freedom to work with anyone that we love, regardless of what genre they come from."


    The humble singer felt "very blessed" that they could bring those different worlds into the studio, when referring to their Norwegian producers, Stargate and the featured artists within the album, such as Beyonce and Noel Gallagher.


    Chris also revealed a teaser video for us fans:


    "We just made something yesterday that we're gonna put out in a couple of weeks, like a teaser thing about ourselves, for amateur artists and it was so fun to make it"


    When asked whether the short release notice of their seventh album was by design, the British frontman said "Yes" and added, "There's no need to wait".


    For the lead single, 'Adventure Of A Lifetime', Chris asked guitarist, Jonny Buckland to invent a riff that's better than the classic Guns And Roses hit, 'Sweet Child O' Mine'. When Chris heard Jonny's attempt at their new single's guitar riff, he said "That's it!". The band all in all are very satisified with their new material and wanted to 'embrace their love of joyful music'


    Click here to listen to the full audio interview

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