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    A Head Full of Dreams Film Scores Big with Fans Worldwide

    It has now been a year since the conclusion of the record-breaking A Head Full of Dreams tour and the band is still shattering those records. This time it is in the form of a documentary,




    Mat Whitecross, known for his previous music documentary 'Supersonic' and numerous Coldplay music videos, has managed to top the charts with his latest endeavour.




    Music film 'A Head Full of Dreams', follows the band's spectacular rise to fame from the back of Camden pubs to selling out stadiums worldwide. Whitecross, who met the four in college, has been there to capture over a thousand hours of footage over the last 20 years. His unmatched relationship with the band differs this documentary from others and shows the emotional, stressful and joyous times experienced by the band and those around them over the last two decades.






    Over 300,000 fans experienced over 2 hours of Coldplay goodness in 2,650 theatres worldwide. Trafalgar Releasing distributed the film in 70 countries and scored the number one box office spot in the Netherlands, number two in the UK, Australia and Italy and number five position in the US. It is also the top-performing event release for a rock music film in 2018. Impressive!




    In collaboration with Coldplaying and ColdplayXtra, our former team member Christa42, since retired, asked fans to post their photos along with their location using #AHFODFilmParty. The project was an instant success with over 1000 people taking part on Twitter alone. Well known names such as Debs Wild, Mat Whitecross and Penny Harvey all took part. Take a look at some of the highlights below:





























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