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    The 10 essential rare Coldplay downloads

    The 10 essential rare Coldplay downloads


    Our list of 10 essential rare Coldplay downloads! Rare, acoustic and live tracks which are not available to download via popular media platforms such as iTunes and are not as well known to the majority of fans.


    Much of Coldplay's discography is now available to buy and outside the band's 6 albums, there's a ton of fantastic b-sides such as 'I Ran Away', 'Crests of Waves', 'Moving to Mars' and much much more! These following songs on the list cannot be bought but fear not! There are many kind Coldplayers who upload these tracks on our multimedia forum for you to enjoy.


    A number of fans may not know some of these tracks so enjoy your new found Coldplay gems and if all of these on your Coldplay libary already, congratulations, you have an awesome music collection!


    'A Ghost'


    "They're calling you some kind of Ghost". An old school Coldplay feel about this one. 'A Ghost' was an unreleased track during the 'A Rush of Blood to The Head' era. It was performed as part of a 'Germany unplugged' show in 2003 performed with 'Merry Little Christmas'. A spooky Christmas feel indeed and one of Coldplay's finest rares. 11 years later, Coldplay re-invent another 'Ghost Story'!




    Download link


    'A Ladder to the Sun'


    'Ladder To The Sun' was a song written during the recording of 'X&Y' but it did not make the final cut. However, the song was played during the Twisted Logic Tour. The song may have been for Chris Martin's then wife Gwyneth Paltrow. There may also be some relationship between the song and the single 'Talk', as the title appears in its lyrics "You can climb a ladder up to the sun". There are two slightly different live variations, the audio below contains 'version number 1'. You can find the link for 'version number 2' on the forums.



    Download link for v1 and v2


    'Bloodless Revolution'


    'Bloodless Revolution' is the third track of the nine track demo album that was leaked on 18 July 2009. You can find most of the demos on Youtube. This is perhaps one exception as download links to the demos are not posted on our forums but it can be requested via private message. The song was probably scrapped and parts of it were used to make other songs that were featured on 'Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends'. The song features a classic and catchy piano hook.


    atlas2000 on the forums has made the great 'Viva era' inspired artwork for these demos!


    [soliloquy id=40458]


    'Swallowed in The Sea' (acoustic version)


    'Swallowed in The Sea', the well known track from 'X&Y' was one of the fan favourites from the band's third album with some stunning live versions like Toronto 2006. The following acoustic, from an intimate session in Japan the band played at in 2006 may be familiar to some Coldplayers. This is such an acoustic gem from the X&Y era.



    Download link


    'Ode to Deodorant'


    'The Coldplay', as they were called at the time, released this as a double A side ensemble single with 'Brothers and Sisters' in 1998. The song was leaked online 8 years later. During an interview with interview magazine, Will Champion commented on 'Ode to Deodorant' : "had a good ending and a good bass line, but it was a crappy song." Under-rated a tad by the band themselves, its the starting out point in Coldplay's history before their successful first album, 'Parachutes'. The demo tape of 'Ode to Deodorant' also features Phil Harvey's phone number which unsurprisingly, is not available to contact Phil on anymore!



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    Download link


    'A Spell A Rebel Yell'


    The B-side to 'Violet Hill' on a limited edition Vinyl. Coldplay's sound engineer, Dan Green shares a writing credit on the song. The tune is very experimental and Shoegazing genre inspired. The song was played by Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 on 6th May 2008.




    Download here


    'Spies' (Live 2002)


    An absolute gem from the 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head' tour. This version of Spies live in London, Kentish Town on 29th August 2002 is an epic 7 minutes long! Jonny Buckland at his best!




    Download here


    'Lovers in Japan' (acoustic)


    This beautiful version of 'Lovers in Japan' is a standout from the Viva era, before the album release. It was part of Coldplay's session at Q, a UK radio station in 2008, as part of the radio station launch on 'Q:PM'. This was the first heard version of 'Lovers in Japan' as the studio track wasn't heard until the album was leaked 2 weeks before launch.



    Download here


    'Amsterdam' (early version)


    The early pre-album version of the 'AROBTTH' album closer which we all know and love. This version is live from Reykjavik, Iceland in 2001. It's debut was at the Enmore Theatre on Aug 7th 2001, again in Brisbane on Aug 10th then August 22nd in Reykjavik.




    Download here


    'Wedding Bells' (Chris Martin only)


    "Those Wedding Bells are ringing up upon that hill, I don't wanna swallow such a bitter pill". One of the tracks in contention for LP5, later known as 'Mylo Xyloto'. It was featured as a demo, played by Chris Martin on Melvyn Bragg's South Bank Show and was aired on ITV in the UK on 20th September 2009. Part of the track's melody was used for eventually Christmas single, Christmas Lights, released at the end of 2009.




    Download here


    Most of these are thanks to the army of Coldplayers on the forums who have uploaded these beauties to share with the community! Many more thanks to atlas2000, BiggerStronger and more for their artwork contributions! Remember to check out the rest of the Coldplay downloads we have in the massive multimedia section.

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