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    A Right Royal Mashup! Prince William's Coldplay lullabies put Prince George to sleep

    A tired Duke of Cambridge has resorted to singing Coldplay songs to his newborn son, Prince George Alexander Louis, to get the infant to sleep, the Daily Star reported earlier today. More discussion on this is at the Coldplay forum now [thanks Tash]


    31-year-old Prince William has been belting out Coldplay songs 'Yellow' and 'Paradise' in the hope the little one, who was born last week, will go back to sleep as he is up six times a night and is keeping Carole and Michael Middleton, the parents of Duchess Catherine - previously known as Kate Middleton - awake.



    A royal insider said: "William had no idea it would be this tough. He's using a bizarre tactic of belting out Coldplay anthems at all hours of the night even though he can barely hold a note. It's even keeping Kate's parents awake. His favourite song is 'Paradise' and he also loves doing 'Yellow'. Coldplay aren't even his favourite band, but George responds to their songs the most and settles back down."


    William and Catherine are looking after George at her parents' £4.7 million home in Bucklebury, Berkshire, south east England, but William has been ducking out of morning greetings by heading back to bed to catch up with some much-needed sleep following his night-time singing sessions.


    The insider added to the Daily Star newspaper: "Wills is shattered by the morning so he heads to bed for a couple of hours and Kate springs back into action along with her parents."



    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their son, Prince George


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