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    An important week ahead for Coldplay and EMI, as Glastonbury and the multi-format single looms

    ipod.jpgWith Coldplay's Glastonbury headline slot (arguably their biggest show to date) just a week away, we now have the news that Coldplay will be again be releasing Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, this time on various formats - 7" blue vinyl, CD, standard digital bundle and an iTunes digital bundle - all available via DigitalStore as a pre-order now - which ones are you buying?


    This announcement has ignited several discussion topics - the pressure from their record label EMI to maximise profits from the latest single; whether Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (and Major Minus, for that matter) will make it to the fifth album (both, either or neither!); and what 'additional songs' will be announced this coming week.


    As many Coldplayers have already pointed out (see after the jump), the simple fact is you will need to buy Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (for a second time if you bought it on the 3rd June) if you want the new track, Major Minus. That is, unless Major Minus becomes available as a standalone digital track purchase, which currently is not possible. There are also rumours that the "additional tracks" on the iTunes bundle are remixes or live versions of some of the songs that we have already heard...

    So far, two thirds of you think Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall WILL be included on the LP5 tracklisting, but the release at the end of the month has only served to confuse us even further on who is right and who is wrong - read on for the poll results and comments so far...




    I'd expect most of the new songs we've heard live to be on the album with maybe a couple not making it. If these new live songs weren't on the album just think of the setlist crisis they'd encounter when playing the unheard album material on tour + old favourites + the new live tracks we've already heard. That said I wouldn't be surprised if a song or two we've heard aren't on the album. And I'm thinking Princess of China could be one of the new songs to be revealed next week. [thanks howyousawtheworld]


    So they release it the day it comes out. We all buy it (some of us out of loyalty more than anything else). They release it physcally WEEKS after it orginally comes out. We all buy it for the collectors stuff. They then say "oh actually we have this bundle on iTunes with extra tracks". We all buy again. So we're all gonna own this song three times! They had better not put it on the album cos I certainly do not want to own it four times! [thanks Mimixxx]


    This is unbelievable. I am pretty sure no one on this forum was expecting this. Right now, there's a lot of confusion as to what will finally be in LP5. Maybe, after all, they have decided to release songs in single format and what we will finally get on the album will be totally different of the music that is going to be released via singles. I pretty hope so, since as already many have pointed out, it would not be very cool to buy all the songs that will finally end on the album in single format first. Anyhow, it is clear that they are trying a new direction on the way they are releasing their music. Hopefully it will work and we will be pretty happy. I really thought Major Minus was going to be in the album. But now it doesn't make much sense to release it as a b-side to ETIAW and then release again in the album. After all, maybe all the new songs we have heard until now won't even feature on LP5. That would be great news, but I highly doubt it. I really don't like the fact that I will have to buy ETIAW AGAIN in order to get Major Minus and additional songs! [thanks the_escapist]


    honestly, anyone who thinks ETIAW won't be on the album is someone who doesn't want it to be on the album. it is most certainly going to be on the album. the band doesn't need to confirm it. after three years away (to most non fans in the world) their first new song wouldn't not be on the album. And all these people talking about buying the song five times or whatever - you're not REALLY buying the song five times. if you buy the cd/lp bundle you're buying it to have it. not to listen to ETIAW. you're buying it to be an "ultimate" fan. honestly, i don't see how anyone could perceive this as anything but awesome news. we're getting what could be two album tracks and potentially more. my feeling is we won't get one's like charlie brown or hlh because they are definite album tracks as far as i see it. we'll probably get some new songs that have been thrown to the cutting room floor. which doesn't mean they won't be good even. it just means they didn't fit in the album. we should all remember that for coldplay, being a b-side doesn't necessarily mean its shit or subpar. it may just mean it doesn't fit linearly in the new album. so i'm hopeful a few more new songs and the studio version of major minus (which if i'm honest I've not been too into live). [thanks footyfan10]


    For me, this means that the stuff being released now, is not even album-worthy... maybe they have even better songs up their sleeves?! [thanks Craigie-J]


    I'm very excited but as some of you already stated: it's really annoying that they release it in so many (digital) ways. I think they could've at least given you a voucher with a code to download the digital pack, so that you could have it all with the purchase of the physical copies. But now you have to pick between wanting it physically or digitally (or both). [thanks doritji]


    This has been planned very well by EMI (LP5 is massive for them so they will pull out everything possible), after the initial release of ETIAW, they need something to boost it back up the charts and further promotion before the new album, by then the official video should be ready and fans who buy the bundle and the Itunes exclusive bundle will count as 4 sales, we get new songs, Coldplay are around the top of the charts again in an era where the in thing with the kids is club music, EMI are happy, Fans are happy, win win for everyone! [thanks 42rock89]


    I guess EMI is pulling some strings. Still, very good news! Especially the additional tracks part. [thanks JM-SP2]


    I was definitely not expecting this announcement. I am so excited that we get a studio version of Major Minus. It is one of my favorite new songs! This announcement though raises several questions. The big question for me is what does this all mean for LP5? Is it possible that neither ETIAW nor Major Minus will be on LP5? It seems odd to me that Coldplay have not confirmed ETIAW as the first single. Some had also speculated that Major Minus would be the album title/title track but I doubt they would have released that track if that were the case. I am extremely curious about the iTunes bundle. Will it be remixes/live tracks or will it be new songs? There was a story last year about how U2 played some new songs at some shows and how they had all this new material but did not know what to do with it. Chris then called Bono and told him to just pick the best new songs and release them. I love how Coldplay is doing just that and I applaud them for releasing a new track (Major Minus) instead of making us wait until October/November to hear more new music. Just one more reason I love Coldplay. [thanks Ultravioletlight25]


    A physicle release, especially such a bundle and a coloured Vinyl is pretty awesome!!! Very happy about it =) A digital itunes only bundle with additional songs... alright, I'd rather have it on physical formats and if that's not possible, I'd rather buy it somewhere else, but I'm ok with that. Might be my first itunes purchase... A digital bundle such as this one announced weeks after most of the die-hards had already bought a digital version appears bold. Even if you can upgrade on itunes, I'd have to buy the complete bundle because I avoid itunes and therefore bought it somewhere else. I'm a convinced purchaser of music. But I don't like that to be exploited. To be fair, at least Coldplay never released a "Tour edition/Extra edition/Remastered only one year after release edition/..." of an album. And I sincerely hope they're not drifting into that direction. Because I'm not willing to waste my money. [thanks r25d01]


    Even though I feel pretty ripped off after first buying it on itunes, just ordered it, partly for a chance to win a signed bundle. [thanks Jurri1]


    As for the ETIAW/MM business...yes it's bad that we have to buy it numerous times to get all the extra content BUT nobody is making us buy all the editions. It's down to personal choice on whether you want to buy it or not. If they both appear on the album fine. You'll be buying the album because you want the other new tracks that will be on there. Anyway, I've pre ordered the bundle and I'll get the iTunes stuff when it comes out too. I have some money sitting in my iTunes account so it would be rude not to buy it. [thanks karenc]


    From my own personal perspective/situation, if I really want to listen to MM (or the other songs, unless they end up being ones we haven't heard yet) I can just go on YouTube at the live performances. I don't feel the need to play it on repeat in my car CD player, or my iPod for that matter; and I don't want to have to buy ETIAWhatever again just to get it. Basically, I will let patience prevail. Yes, it REALLY is buying to song five times (assuming the description of the bundles on the band's website): 1. purchase original release June 3rd; 2. purchase vinyl as collectible; 3. purchase CD as collectible; 4. purchase digital download because the vinyl/CD won't arrive until weeks later so you want to listen to the other songs in the meantime; 5. if it's on LP5 (as you insist it has to be). That's 5. If it's not on LP5, then 4. And I don't understand how NOT buying those makes someone a not "ultimate" fan. [thanks NumbersGirl]


    Now I don't know what they plan. "Major Minus" as a B-Side? I don't think so... Additional tracks? Will they be on the new album? I don't know... [thanks michal91d]


    Actually, I remember a post of a guy who said that a radio station DJ said that LP5 is going to be released by the end of the summer and Major Minus is going to be a B-side. And now it is. This thing could be true. If it's a double single, MM would probably be on LP5. And it's a great song. Many people think it's better than ETIAW. And in Coldplayplusjuanes' case, he will jump in a hole if MM doesn't get a video. B-sides don't get videos. But it can't be a double single. Cause the cover says only ETIAW. :/ [thanks Alien Radio]


    Im thinking that the extra tracks on the itunes bundle will be live tracks or maybe even a remix. with the exception of Major Minus I don't think there will be another "new" song. Of course I could be (and hope that I am) wrong. [thanks oldmuckers]


    Don't try and dress this up as being better than it really is. YES they are REALLY technically buying the [ETIAW] song FIVE TIMES. The song is included in the total price - or else the iTunes speshul bundle would be the same price as the normal digital price, and it's not. Also I collect various things, however I don't feel the need to buy every single item if I do not like it. It doesn't make me any less of a collector. Just like not buying every single song makes you any less of a fan. Plus, that "ultimate" fan is just some silly ideal. [thanks Cobalt]


    When they have recorded Major Minus, and other track will be released soon digital... Does 'other tracks' mean an album, or have they again to many songs (like Prospekt's March)? So we will soon know a bit more how the album sounds, what Brian and the four and the person who mixes the songs want us to hear (so produced like Viva or more natural like A Rush... or even something else? Didn't Mercury said last year they would not longer produce singles as cd, only digital? EDIT: the release is the monday after their Glastonbury show. I think we can really expect something great on the Saturday in 9 days. [thanks dreamorlife]


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