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    Auckland Review 2: Coldplay Play The Crowd

    magicball7.jpgSay what you like about Coldplay - the band knows how to control atmosphere. They have the rare and awe-inspiring ability to change how you feel, and change how an entire room feels.


    It had been six long years - and two chart topping albums - since Coldplay last came for a meet-and-greet in New Zealand so it was only fitting the band put on a proper show at the Vector Arena. From the hypnotic laser show that accompanied Clocks early in the night, to the pulsing, blaze of strobe lights that capped off Politik, the band treated us to all their best bells and whistles.


    Martin pulled out his best dance moves - like the erratic jerking of a puppet in knots - and even drummer Will Champion gave a little something extra in the form of an original bluegrass ditty he wrote some years back. They played the new hits and the old favourites. But Coldplay's greatest skill is playing the crowd, which they did with such deft precision it left no doubt as to why this band are so big.


    Read the full review article at the Coldplay Live forum here onwards [thanks mimixxx]

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