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    Battle Of The Titans

    There is a highly addictive drug out on the market that leaves no prisoners. It leeches on to men, women, and children. Once sucked in one needs it from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep. It is in every home and every office and it could get to you too. That drug is MySpace.com.


    MySpace has swept the nation and could take over the world. Started in January, 2004 in Los Angeles by Tom Anderson, the man with over 56 million friends. The Web site that opened as a forum to promote bands has now spread like a disease, becoming the third most visited site on the web. Now, it is the most convenient way to get in touch with old and new friends. It is also an excellent tool for networking. Just make sure you do not post any pictures that could ruin your chances of employment.


    MySpace has recently become a good marketing tool for bands, movies, and television shows. The site allows video clips and music to be placed on individual sites. So bands such as the Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay, and Sigur Ros have tested out new albums on MySpace before their official release to get fan reaction.Employers have gotten smart and use our beloved networks to spy on employees. The Facebook, a similar social networking site, is the seventh most highly trafficked Web site, right after the college student lifeline— Google.


    But MySpace has a bit more pizzazz than Facebook. MySpace allows you to be friends with anyone and everyone. Facebook limits its friendspan to college campuses. Let’s face it, not everyone we know is in college. There are a lot more things you can do with MySpace than with Facebook. Facebook also only has one layout, so everyone sports the same uniform. MySpace targets individuality.


    Unfortunately, MySpace is a haven for stalkers and sexual predators to target promiscuous teens. So to protect yourself, use discretion when writing about yourself. But just as dangerous is Facebook’s option to provide your phone number and dorm room residence. If you fill that out, you are just asking for a stalker.


    Both Web sites can lead to a necessary restraining order or two, if not used carefully.


    Facebook is only limited to college students and those with official university based e-mail addresses, so bands can not make an account. Also, you can not place any media on your site.


    Though both sites offer similar service, MySpace provides more entertainment for our dwindling attention spans. So whether you are looking to make some connections, scout a potential mate, or find old friends while making new ones, MySpace is the way to go.


    Source: torchonline.com

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