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    Bono - 'Chris Martin is a genius'

    Bono - Chris Martin is a genius

    Coldplay's Pals, U2 have been talking to The Sun Newspaper in the UK, ahead of their physical release for 'Songs Of Innocence', which conveniently landed on our iTunes libraries from mid September. In a series of statements on artists/bands such as The Clash and David Bowie, Bono explained a further influence Chris Martin had on their latest album.


    We know that Chris Martin features on U2's new song, 'Iris (Hold Me Close)' but its now been revealed that Coldplay's frontman has had a larger influence than first though. Bono has been chatting to The Sun about the second track from 'Songs Of Innocence', 'Every Breaking Wave' and the Irish frontman was full of praise for Chris, branding him a 'genius' and 'one of their bodyguards'.


    The quote, as taken from U2's official website (Thanks to gai on the messageboards) :


    Bono on Chris Martin

    'We were playing with (Every Breaking Wave) for the last album and Chris talked us out of it. He said, 'That one deserves to be finished.' The half-baked version would have denied us this, so we owe him for that... he's a genius and a very self-effacing guy. He's one of our bodyguards.'


    A version of 'Every Breaking Wave' featured on U2's historic 360 tour before making the cut on their new album. This comes as no surprise as most recently, they have a great friendship and understanding with each other and Chris Martin has referred to Bono many times in interviews as one of his idols (along with Michael Stipe). There was one occasion though in 2008, where the pair appeared to have a falling out, or more likely Bono woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day when Bono called Chris a 'cretin' among other things! The Devonshire born singer responded back directly to Bono's feistiness with some banter, “I think it’s great that we’re arch enemies,” Martin said. “That’s a joke too.”.


    After Chris lent a helping hand to Bono, could we expect the same returned favour for Coldplay's seventh LP? It is assumed the band are working on it right now within their London studio, The Bakery. Discuss the rumours on the forums and Coldplaying will bring you news as soon as there is any!

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